Developments Versus Nature Preservation and Conservation

Developments Versus Nature Preservation and Conservation

Developments versus nature preservation and conservation, developments always wins. Somehow, we have forgotten what nature has to offer. We only seem to be attracted to the expected profits from the developments.

“If you think developments are important than nature, try counting money holding your breath.”

I saw this thought-provoking statement in social media. One line that highlights the problem, solution, and way to follow.


They have been of great help in improving our life quality, as well as making things easier for us. We can now do a lot of stuff with easy, that could have been impossible many years ago.

But we are now doing it in extremes hence hurting both our environment and bodies in some cases. It’s true that too much of something is poison. We are now more concerned about the profits to be generated, and not the consequences.

This is one of the threats facing major conservation areas, not forgetting the areas with some important heritage sites. We see them as a waste of space and opportunity. Forgetting that we can always replace business, but not a vanished heritage or plant or animal.

I remember participating in a meeting that we were trying to save a nesting area for the rare vulture species in Africa. The same spot had hot springs targeted for geothermal power harvesting. So they had to choose between the two.

We tried our best to explain why we need the nesting area to remain untouched, having in mind that this particular species of vulture is rare and endangered t Africa. Meaning, we were lucky to have them around.

They only saw them as just vultures that can find another place, or just disappear and cause no economic consequences. They said the vultures were not bringing anything to the table. While the geothermal power would bring revenue and “clean energy”.

Unfortunately, we lost the argument and vultures suffered the consequences. Several people from both within and outside country tried to stop the developments in the nesting area. But it was a losing battle.

The power thing developments increased and tarmacked roads were introduced. Which lead to the death of wildlife from the speeding vehicles. Not only did they make the poor vultures homeless, but they also started causing death to the other wildlife in the area.

Developments need resources to maintain, Nature just need peace to thrive

None of the developments can stand on their own. Maintenance is mandatory until when they are rendered useless, then we have to replace it with a new version.

Nature doesn’t need all that, it can repair and maintain itself. All it needs from us is to allow her some peace and minimal disturbance.

When it affects our environment negatively, it degrades our quality of life.

The developments can have a tole on our environment, hence causing harm such as climate change and clearance of its vegetation. These outcomes have a big impact on our lives, leading to diseases, harsh environment, droughts, etc.


Developments are good but in moderation and with the environment in mind. That’s why they have to be eco-friendly and sustainable.

We may not be able to see nature importance in terms of revenue, this is because no price tag can fit the place. They are valuable and vital to our survival.

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    • I think its time we started to appreciate resources and only get what we need. Lie having a smaller house for a small family, and not a mansion for an individual. If we wisely use these resources and embracing sharing. We can be able to have a healthy planet.


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