Species that feed on plants are strong and have a long lifespan

Species that feed on plants are strong and have a long lifespan

Species that feed on plants are strong and have a long lifespan. Herbivores are some of the animal species that have been observed to live many years. If they are lucky enough to evade preditor’s wrath. Those who have no predictors, live to enjoy extreme old age. Is it related to their diet?

Plant-eating organisms

These are species whose diet is solely comprised of plant parts. We can refer to them as true vegans.

They can be divided into various groups depending on which plants they consume, or how they eat.

That is, we have those that feed on fruits ( Frugivores), nector (nectarivorous), etc. And we have the browsers that obtain leaves, stems and bark from plants. While grazers eat vegetation at the ground level.

Samples of these herbivores include:

  • Elephant
  • Rhino
  • Hippo
  • Buffalo
  • Giraffe
  • Wildebeest

As you can already tell, these are some of the most dangerous animals that even intimidate their predators.

Now you understand why the antelopes and other small herbivores, end up being the most targeted.

Does this mean that if we were to embrace the vegan diet, we could be strong?

In my journey of embracing more greens in my plate. To reduce my greenhouse gases emissions and carbon footprint. I stumbled upon a video whereby, a trainer was explaining his journey of being a vegan.

He explained that he reduced in size when he replaced meat with greens. But gained strength. His size reduced, but he was stronger and felt different in terms of tiredness. He preferred the new change and was using his journey to inspire others. What’s the need of being huge but not strength?

But the challenge is the volume of greens you need to consume. For a meat diet, you just need a small portion and you get full. But for greens, you need a lot. Hippos have to eat around forty kilos of plants on a daily basis. The bigger and busier you are, the more will be needed of you to consume.

This is not a bad thing if it will give you access to a quality life and health.

We are having new and complicated diseases popping up also every day. And they are killing us fast and in huge numbers. We somehow unknowingly eat badly leading to slow deaths. Funny thing is, most of these bad foods, are extremely sweet. While the healthy ones are not that sweet.

When we could complain to our mum on how the traditional vegetables she fed us were bitter. She would tell us that anything bitter is good for your health. Just like sweet success is a product of bitter and painful journey.

Conclusion: Diet based on plants is workable

Would you like to live for many years like an elephant? Which also has the best memory and very intelligent. Maybe copying its diet may help an inch.

The livestock farms have been concluded to be one of the threats emitting huge amounts of greenhouse gases. Eliminating animal feeds from our plates will reduce their demand, hence reduce gases emitted.

We are also to ensure that the plants we consume, are organically produced.

6 thoughts on “Species that feed on plants are strong and have a long lifespan”

  1. This i believe is so so true..
    I’ve learned myself farm meat is bad so i have swapped farm meat for small fish.. small fish like anchovies, sardines and mackerel..
    In which contain less mercury than large fish that contain larger amount of mercury.. 😁😁😁🙏💙👍

  2. Small fish are great.. honestly..
    We have to condition our gut health, to actually help enable our gut to break down food properly..
    Imagine a rag system red amber green..
    This rag system is how aggressive our immune system naturally is towards how our body can tolerate resistance against chemical synthetic intolerance..
    Tune into this and this actually Will help aid natural repair to damage beyond the gut.. 😁🙏👍💙


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