In Support of : This is Ground Zero. Support the Future

In Support of, ”This is Ground Zero. Support the Future”

In Support of, ”This is Ground Zero. Support the Future”. This has been done in different cities through protests by school kids. With one message, for political leaders to pay attention and stop politizing everything.

Greta Thunberg is a sweet girl aged 16 years. Very passionate climate activist that have been protesting for change among the political leaders. She has touched and convinced many despite her young change. Clear indicator that anyone can cause change, and age remains just a number.

It’s true many may ignore children’s advise as they are seen not mature enough. Or assumed that don’t know much. But she proved us wrong. She was able to see the ugly side of humans.

Whereby the poor suffer for the few rich people to have a better live. Where we get to suffer consequences of others and still say nothing. Or made to remain silence / lied to when we decide to speak up.

Are parents paying attention?

More schools have joined these protests from different cities.

Some leaders tried to bad mouth it , while others just saw it as a joke . Which wil pass with time.

But others have taken them seriously, leading to nomination of Greta Thunberg for the noble prize. Some leaders have also joined the conversation. But more is need from all countries.

Climate change does not know continent, country or how much money you have

We are suffering as a planet from the negative human impact from several years ago.

Droughts, floods, warming of the ocean, species extinction, among others, have been experienced in different parts of the world.

Climate patterns have greatly changed and weather has been difficult to predict.

Just like this young conservationist advises, of no more time for empty promises. Yes, it’s time to act. Time to stop politizing everything.

Real power belongs to the people. So if we can all board this ship and accept change. Then we have a shoot in preparing our planet.


It’s clear that we are in a real mess. And if it took kids to help it sink in. We better put our affairs in order.

It’s time to change and care about every consequence of our actions. To take environmental stuff seriously .

Lets join together and ensure that our political leaders don’t lead us other ways. Environment is very important and crucial for our future days.

9 thoughts on “In Support of : This is Ground Zero. Support the Future”

  1. I hope it DOES sink in …
    Finally the media are covering it. So far they tried to be silent about it. This has been going on for some time now without the free press reporting it. Am I really surprised?

    • The climate issue is one of the hardest topics and affair to handle in our today world. But we are not stopping anytime soon. Let’s continue doing what needs to be done until something positive happens


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