Here They Come

Here they come with big complicated metallic things,
That clears away our homes,
Destroying and killing everything on their way,
Which is this species that fights unfairly for survival/leisure?
Here they come with all their waste,
Throwing it everywhere,
Not caring what impact it has on us,
Which is this species that selfishly mismanages its waste especially in places they don't live in?
Here they come with guns and other weapons,
Killing us for fun and hunting our body parts as trophies in their homes,
Killing us for our body parts believing that it will heal them from some conditions/diseases,
Which is this species that is thought to be most intelligent but believe keratin heal men erection problems?
Here they come to snatch us from our home to prisons for their amusement,
Confining us inside cages,
Changing our lifestyle and diet,
Which is this species that only cares for its own happiness by causing harm to others?
This species refers to its self as the homo sapien sapien,
Because they believe that they are the most intelligent species on our planet
They will do anything in their power to get what they want,
Not caring whom they hurt or kill,
Kill its own kind, destroy its environment and many bad things,
Just for a short term pleasure.
They choose to bury their heads in sand,
 Falsely comforting themselves through sayings such as:
 "You only live once'
 "Life is too short"
Forgetting that what they have today,
Is borrowed treasure from the future generation,
They value artificial stuff, and not the natural ones,
After all, they think they are the most intelligent species. 

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