Is it Wildlife Attack or Self-defence by Wildlife?

Is it Wildlife Attack or Self-defence by Wildlife?

Is it Wildlife Attack or Self-defence by Wildlife? When it comes to wildlife attacks experienced by humans while in territories where wildlife is found.

My Thoughts on Wildlife Attack

Just like we deal with home evasions, the same scenario applies when we evade wildlife home. They will see us as enemies and attack. So we should stop wrongly accusing them of attacking us, yet they were simply defending themselves.

Unlike humans who kill or hurt other living organisms for fun, sport or other not so good reasons. Wildlife only kills for food or defense.

And if we looked it that way, then we will change on how we report “wildlife attacks”. We will concentrate on understanding which spots to avoid while in their territory.

Why would we punish wildlife for attacking when their space was invaded? What do we want them to do when they feel threatened by a species they consider dangerous.

Natural instincts in all living organisms will always make you fight back or run to safety (Fight or Flight). This is what makes wildlife to attack you.

What you should do to avoid Wildlife Attack

Most wildlife will hide as soon as they notice your presence, so if you maintain good manners in their territory. You will rarely get hurt.

Wildlife such as snakes, will feel your vibrations many meters away and slide away.

If you are visiting them, camping or any activities included in wildlife areas, obey the set rules.

The rules cover all the safety you need while in their zone.

  • They will guide you on places to avoid
  • What to do when you come face to face with wildlife
  • What not to do to avoid attracting wildlife to you
  • How to handle such confrontations if they happen
  • And much more

Fishermen complaining of crocodile attacks

Fishermen and Crocodiles have one thing in common, they are both after fish for food. So what happens when human complain that the crocodile attacks are becoming a problem?

Do we kill all the crocodiles? Do we drive the crocodiles away? Do we find ways not to cross path with them?

Communities living alongside waterbodies with crocodiles have been having such complaints. While some have adapted ways on how to co-exist with them.

As they reported on the crocodile attacks, they seemed to imply that the crocodiles didn’t have the right to be there. So I wondered, where are they supposed to be then? Don’t they have a right to live in their rightful home, just because they inconvenience our fishing?


As much as we may keep seeing wildlife as the bad guys, its time we looked in the mirror and notice our over-expectations and selfishness. We are meant to interdepend on each other, Both plants and animals (humans included). No one has more right or reason to live than the other one. We just have to co-exist.

We have taken too much from wildlife, its time we give back or at least not take more from them. Time to give them a break and avoid subjecting them to unnecessary pressure.

3 thoughts on “Is it Wildlife Attack or Self-defence by Wildlife?”

  1. Very good points there. The situation of the crocodiles reminded me of an episode of Kimba the White Lion where some animals were kidnapped over there because of a misunderstanding. Kimba and the others try to rescue them, but Pauley tells Kimba they should get hunters to shoot them up, but he wasn’t having it and said “Just because some animals do bad things, me must still help them and not hurt them.”
    Also, thanks for finding my blog!


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