Taking Care of Wildlife is not for losers

Taking Care of Wildlife is not for losers

Taking care of wildlife is not for losers. Or people who don’t have ambition in life. In fact, it is the opposite. These people are able to understand these untamed animals without using words. They are able to dedicate the time, resource and selves, to take good care of this amazing species.

Wildlife related courses being seen to belong to those who didn’t perform excellently

In my country, students who pursue degrees related to Wildlife. They are considered as no-performing one. And continues even during job seeking. Whereby, if you tell your hiring manager that you did Wildlife Manager. They give you the look of what are you doing in this interview.

Very few people really understand the value of taking perfect care of Wildlife through training or education.

To me, any training or studies related to their welfare and existence. Is more of a calling. To truly care for them, needs a lot than we may comprehend.

Happy World Ranger’s Day to all our dedicated rangers that risk their lives for the safety of our Wildlife

These people literally give everything to wildlife welfare. They work tirelessly and made to stay away from their families. But still, manage to do an awesome job.

The same animals may sometime cause a threat to their lives while on duty. But they understand better and offer them the best they can manage to offer.


Studying wildlife at whatever education level, is not a sign of failing. You don’t need to have bad grades and take it as your salvation course. Its a serious field of studies just like any other field.

Respect those who have dedicated themselves in ensuring that they enjoy the safety and their welfare is given to them. Never down look at these people.

So when in the wild, they may keep preventing you from things you might think are cool to do. Obey, as they are there to ensure you don’t abuse wildlife welfare.

To all men and women, who have dedicated their lives to offer them security their need. We salute you and love you very very much. Continue with a great job, you are doing. Karma will cause awesome things back to you.


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