The Mouse that can Howl and immune to Venom

The Mouse that can Howl and immune to Venom

The mouse that can howl and immune to venom. This one of a kind mouse is known as the grasshopper mouse, also known as werewolf mouse.

Who is this Grasshopper Mouse?

They are found in the US and Mexico.

Unfortunately. they not only feed on the grasshoppers, worms, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, and snakes. But they also feed on other mice.

They are not affected by the venom in the scorpions, snakes or centipedes. A venom that could easily kill other mice.

They are loners. Or sometimes open to a partner, but not a crowd. Very territorial, to huge pieces of land.

They do howl , hence the nickname, werewolf mouse.

Unique species that we should not allow climate change to snatch them away

Like these mice, they are not found in huge numbers. Hence vulnerable to extinction, if something would happen to them.

Personally, I haven’t seen this mouse, read about them online. And I would wish to have an opportunity to see them with my naked eyes.

Mass species extinction is depressing and a big pain to animal lover’s souls. Just imagining that we may lose one species or two, is enough to give you a very dull day. And gets worst when you are not able to do anything directly about it.

So to move on peacefully, we end-up doing right by the animals close to us. It all starts fom you, what are you doing in an individual level to help save species from disappearing.


True change and progress start with you. Protesting is good, creating awareness is great, but practicing it, is a win.

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