Protests have the power to promote change in a system. And climate strikes have proved this right. It all started by a few people, then the courageous teens, and now almost the whole world is heading that way.

Did you see the Climate Action Protest from different cities?

On that point, have you noticed that we have changed from protesting against climate change? And now protesting towards climate action. From problems oriented protests to the solutions-oriented ones.

People hit the streets in huge numbers, carrying manillas with the message to everyone. From leaders, institutions, adults, kids, and anyone that can help towards the cause.

Some of us held the protest online. Our website went blank with climate strike message the whole day. To help show how serious this quest is.

Online Climate Strike

Online Climate Strike

For us to win this fight, we have to make sure we don’t leave anyone behind.

Have the policymakers failed us?

If only all leaders were on our side and do good by our planet. We would not need to be protesting all over the place. But most of them have chosen to bury their heads in the sand. They only go for policies that suit their greed for power and money. And we suffer the consequences.

We have been making multiple wrong choices in the ballot papers in our voting. Or got deceived to voting in selfish leaders than end up not offering what they promised during campaigns.

What they seem not to give keen attention to. Is that we may seem to be the great losers to them, but that includes their close friends and relatives that suffer with us same fate. And eventually, despite all power and money. Climate change equally harasses them.

So when we could not get eco-friendly policies passing in our planets, we had to do something in the streets. We started to protests, just like people before us.

We all learn from the past. People could protest and make the government change their mind, from allowing women to vote, the minority to be heard, among others.

We may not always exactly what we may be looking forward to. But it is way better than remaining silent. And suffer inwardly.

Climate Action holds everything in our future

We are at a point whereby, we have to luxury of waiting any longer to act towards climate change. The changes are not waiting on us, and are happening at a high speed than we predicted.

The number of species we have lost to climate change is alarming. Our cities are suffering from floods, drought, rising temperatures, etc. Not forgetting the mysterious disease, wars, scarce natural resources.

It has dawned into youth that the future may be robbed everything if they don’t do something fast. And they have embraced the ugly truth, hence doing anything and everything to get their voice heard. The elders’ ones are joining in too. Which is of great support.

Many may think that this generation of youth knows no hardships in life. Due to all the civilization, industrialization, globalization, education and many other benefits that we have been presented by the new world.

Things may have been seemed easy for us, but we have been able to connect with others worldwide and learn what is happening in every corner of the world. That’s how we got to understand how Africa is suffering climate change caused by activities happening the other side. Helping us learn that this fight is global. And we can only win if we fight as a team.


We only have one planet, which is currently on fire. If you don’t act and I do the same. Our tomorrow is not assured. Our planet needs all the help it can get.

May the protests bear tangible positive fruits and help in this fight against climate change.

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