Breastfeed Your Babies to Help Fight Climate Change

As we celebrate breastfeeding, ensure to breastfeed your babies to help fight climate change. First and foremost, congrats to all moms out there having a little bundle of joy. I salute all mothers, for being our superheroes although we fail to recognize so as often as required. There is another chance to do what you do best, save the rest of us.

How does breastfeed save our planet?

Exclusively breastfeeding the babies for the first six months helps reduce the number of baby formulas being used. As they consume a huge amount of natural resources, plus contribute to plastic pollution after use.

It also helps to raise a healthy population which we need on our planet.

We all know that not all moms are able to breastfeed their babies due to various reasons. So there’s a need for the baby formula companies to come up with ways that harm our planet less.

There’s a need for the formulation of laws that ensure this is done. Hence regulating the exploitation of the available natural resources.

Climate change action requires everything it takes

The temperatures continue to rise and weather disasters continue to make people refugees. We continue to lose lives, property, natural resources, and healthy lifestyles, due to the change in the climate.

Life has turned uncomfortable, and humans are realizing that they do need to stop for a minute and handle this crisis of climate change.

We are going and advocating for any solutions that seem to help us out. And we should not relent.

The floods are back, and several families around the world have lost their homes, basic needs, and relatives. Climate injustices continue to oppress the powerless. And the world is noticing it. Time to actually do something about it, and push for a permanent positive change.

We are losing the beauty of our planet

The indigenous species are getting extinct, while the human population continues to multiplying huge numbers. The human population is not getting enough of their basic needs, hence a big part of it is living not so good conditions. Which is against human rights. The SDGs advocate for a healthy planet and people. As well as outline ways on how to achieve these goals.

Nature has over and over again showed us its capabilities to heal and create new life. All we need to do is allow her time and space. More reasons to go for the nature-based solutions, and make our only home survivable.

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