How Far Would You Go In Protecting Other Species?

How far would you go in protecting other species, that you don’t directly benefit from?

Especially the wild species, that may give you a surprise visit. Maybe you can learn from the brewery in Germany, who had to stop their business when a family of Storks took over their chimney. Storks are protected species in Germany, hence citizens have already be sensitized on the same. And they are walking the talk. Would you halt your business to allow birds to build their home, and you look for other ways to safely migrate them. Without causing harm or worst killing them?

This story should be copied all over the world, for the safety of our wild species that are under extinction threat.

My country people where did we go wrong?

Here at home, most people seem not to care about their existence. Sadly, this includes the very people employed to protect them. We keep losing wildlife to human-wildlife conflicts, even when simple ways would have been applied to ensure the safety and survival of the “stray” wildlife.

This Storks’ story made me think of:

  • The trees that had to be cut, to allow visibility to billboards.
  • Wildlife area encroachment that has promoted human-wildlife conflicts.
  • Grabbing of the nature parks by people for selfish reasons, hence displacing species in those parks.
  • Destroying of the vital breeding sites for endangered species, to give room for developments.
  • Tree clearance for roads and other developments.
  • Prioritizing developments over wildlife welfare.
  • The disappearing wildlife corridors.
  • The polluted rivers, lakes, and other water bodies, due to the raw sewage and other pollutants being disposed of.
  • The wildlife that suffers poachers and illegal wildlife trade wrath.

Does Other Species have a say where you are?

Other species have the same rights as humans in occupying this beautiful planet. Each of them has a role to play in our ecosystem and deserve to be protected. In fact, we should naturally accept them and cause no harm. Hence no need to label them protected.

Wildlife has also been undervalued, yet they are the only companions that offer the best vacation. Have you been on a safari or even a cruise ship? They offer the best memories where you are able to meet species that are little known by many. With their diverse experiences, you get to understand the ever refreshing nature and wild spaces.

As the world is waking up and looking for solutions for the rising temperatures. We are realizing that we indeed need nature for our survival and its healing.

Unlike us, nature offers solutions to all solutions. Promotes human welfare and solutions. As well as provide the needed natural resources.


Do what you have to do in your capacity to ensure that no species suffer human ruthlessness.

Spread the same to people around you, and where laws need to be put in place, do push the same to your leaders. We need the Storks story in all countries.

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