Stop Abandoning Your Pets

As COVID continues to make life less comfortable, pets are being abandoned by the owners and left stranded. Pet are like babies, lifetime commitment. You don’t abandon your kids just because things get tough. You hold to them through thick and thin.

Every life is important

When you admire and decide to have pets, it’s important to always understand that its a commitment. You have to love and protect them against anything that may be thrown to them.

Just the same way they offer companionship and happiness in homes, you should provide a conducive environment for them. It’s sad that when they need us most, is when people started to abandon them. How do you expect them to survive out there, from what you made them get used to?

Just like captive animals, adjustment takes time. When they are being re-introduced to the wild. It’s a process that takes time and patience, to prepare the animals of the new homes. At least to able to figure out where to get food and shelter.

First, it was fear that they would spread corona, while some said they are at risk. But it’s important to verify before taking drastic moves that deny one life a chance to be protected.

If you are not sure of 100% commitment, don’t get any pets

Unlike dolls that you can always donate, replace, and even boxed for future possible use. Pets are living organisms that have feelings. They can feel when you neglected, and suffer separation when absolutely separated from their owners.

How many times have we seen dogs visiting previous houses they once considered home. Or cats coming back after being moved somewhere else. They do connect to their owners, and these ties make things worst when you decide to abandon them in a foreign place. For a few days, they may sit hoping you will come back, just the way you would come back after work.


You would rather donate them, or take them to a care center to be taken care of if you can no longer do that. After this, we plead with you to resist from having any other pets in the future.

In companionship that needs to be cherished, preferably till death do you apart. Their lifespan is not that long like yours if you are lucky to enjoy old age. So it’s not that had.

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