Are Climate Change , Wildlife and Nature Welcomed Topics Where You Are?

Are you struggling to be heard when it comes to climate change, wildlife, and nature topics from where you are? Are people, leaders, and media open to the idea, or it has been given a back seat.

Things are not as they are supposed to

Despite tourism being one of the economy contributors, people are yet to protect wildlife and their habitat as needed. We still have people who believe that its the responsibility of the government under KWS. Not caring whether these species are declining, getting extinct, or even subjected to unfavorable conditions.

Wildlife is our heritage, and just like historical sites, it needs full support and protection. We should consider it as the pride of our nation, as it has placed us on the map. Promoting tourism from all over the world.

With that in mind, we should be able to have an interest and actively participate when decisions are being made about their existence. Surprisingly, this is not the case. Most Kenyans show no interest hence associating tourism to the foreigners.

Domestic tourism is slowly picking up, and there’s a need for the locals to be the best ambassadors of what they have been gifted by the planet. We should in the frontline when it comes to conservation and nature preservation. As our livelihoods heavily depend on it.

We have seen several endangered species lose their home to give way to human settlement. Whereby land grabbing and encroachment has not well-been addresses. Whereby we have witness gazetted forests being taken by humans for their agriculture, and problems raising when asked to leave.

This is not how things should be. We should be in the ones doing our best to protect what is left of our wildlife and other natural resources. We should be active and participate in regulations formulation, as well as ensure they are followed as required.

We are not the only ones in this mess

Several people from other parts of the world seem to share this problem. These topics are lacking key support from the leaders, media, and even the citizens. It’s almost like an activist responsibility, instead of the community.

Climate change consequences have been felt hard, and we have been urged continuously to push our leaders in acknowledging this fact.

For all these to be successful, we need to act as a team.

We only have one planet, and this has been sung many times. But do we know what is at stake here? We may have been thinking of Mars, but that is far from being a solution. We should protect what we are sure of, and have free access to.


Everyone should understand that our planet requires all our efforts, to ensure that the ecosystem doesn’t lose its biodiversity.

Media should help to voice out the concerns and help promote nature awareness and action by our leaders.

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