No One Likes Being Near Landfills

No one likes being near landfills, due to the filthy smells and health complications. Governments end up struggling and inconveniencing the locals when they force it.

We have witnessed people demonstrate and threaten to sue their leaders for bringing landfill in their neighborhood. They point out the health issues brought by the unwelcomed guest, and demand for its removal.

All these are very important, but what will help the most. Is if we all practiced minimalism to reduce and eliminate waste. If we all ensure we don’t produce waste, they will be no need for a landfill. And we would have killed two birds with one stone.

Landfills contribute to diseases

Most of these wastes are not correctly disposed of, hence being a threat to any living organisms near them.

Landfills promote climate change

The greenhouse gases emitted in these places, contribute greatly to climate change.

Landfills mean wasted resources

Most of the wastes that end up in landfills are mostly unused. Whereby their supply exceeded the demand, and due to their short lifespan. Had no option but to be discarded.

These translate to wasted resources used to manufacture them.


Just like we hate landfills in our neighborhood, can we hate producing unnecessary waste?

Buy what you need, not what you want. Don’t overdo it, just buy what is enough for your consumption.

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