Their Loss is our Loss

“The illegal wildlife trade threatens not only the survival of entire species, such as elephants and rhinos, but also the livelihoods and, often, the very lives of millions of people across Africa who depend on tourism for a living.”

~ Yaya Toure

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Hey, My name is Cheche Winnie and I love nature especially the wildlife. I strongly believe that the future generation should be allowed an opportunity to enjoy the current natural resources we have. As much as a lot has been lost, there's hope for a safe planet earth. Together we can help fight threats facing nature for a bright future.

4 Responses

    Jyoti July 14, 2019

    Exactly!! Very sad that humans have become so greedy

    Cheche July 15, 2019

    And forgotten we all need each other. Whether plant, animals or humans.

    Jyoti July 15, 2019

    Yes!! Absolutely

    MrsWayfarer July 15, 2019

    I agree 😥


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