Climate change continues to threaten our survival and access to a healthy life. We continue to lose species, and it’s about to be worst.

Sadly, the well-written policies will not be of great help if they are not implemented effectively. Climate Change continues to worsen as we continue with the business as usual mentality.

I think we have done enough boardroom meetings, for now, let’s make something work. All the talks have been great, but could we turn the talk into action.

At individual levels, most people have been able to do their best in embracing lifestyles that required a healthy planet. It’s time corporates, companies, governments, and other stakeholders joined in.

No one should be above the law despite their influence, power, or position. Everyone should play their part. And for those who continue to ignore set policies, it’s time they are answerable for their actions.

Climate refugees have suffered everything from droughts, floods, heatwaves, locusts, among other many terrible natural disasters. They need a break from all these. They don’t deserve to lose their livestock or loved ones to these natural resources.

Pollution has become part of our environment and different sicknesses continue to evade our bodies. We need greenspaces protected and introduced to as many points as possible.

Please make clean energy accessible to all at pocket-friendly prices.

4 thoughts on “#UprootTheSystem”

  1. You’re so right. There are provisions against climate change in the Build Back Better bill that’s currently in Congress. I’ve been signing petitions for Congressmen and senators to vote “yes” on the bill.


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