Do we have a shot?

Do we have a shot? In all things happening around us, from bad systems, neocolonialism, natural resources exploitations, the killing of innocent people, torched people as they fight injustices, corporates that don’t care about our planet, just to name a few.

Protests, Global strikes, Petitions, and Treaties

We are in an era where there forms of seeking justice continue to spread around the world. People can stand up against any injustices and demand actions. Sadly, that’s far it goes. Hitting the streets, scream or display demands, peaceful walks and meetings with the target leaders, and even close doors meetings. All in the efforts to be heard and something to be done about the raised concerned.

This has been going on for a while, Are there any results to report. Or changes to notice?

What happens when the streets are empty again, leaders left loose and the oppressed go back home?

The Wolves inside Sheep clothe

Some people and organizations have adapted ways to continue oppressing the oppressed in disguise.

They pretend to be on your side, get to study your weaknesses, and use them against you. How they do it, they pretend to be providing solutions. Sadly, they are so on point that they end up being seen as saviors. Yet in reality, they are just making their way smooth for more oppressing actions.

They tell us what we need to hear, and continue to do what we are up against.

How about those who are there for fame?

It’s heartbreaking to see how some people use activism as a tool for fame, and other benefits.

So you fool people to be understanding and ready to fight injustices, just to get fame and few privilages? While someone somewhere hopes and believes in you. They trust you to help amplify their voices, but most importantly, they trust that you guys are on the same team.

Where did our consciousness go? And for those who believe in a higher power, where did our fear of God go?


At these particular moments, we don’t have that much luck in any shot. Until we change from within and truly unite against all injustices. We know and can see what is not working. Just because they pretend so well, doesn’t mean we have to remain silent.

There are no halfways, you are either in or out.

If you started it for the wrong reasons, it will be courtesy to let it be and go work on yourself. Don’t give other people false hope, or use them for your glorification.

It’s people’s lives online here, with no time or opportunity to joke around.

For our untouchable leaders and corporates, whatever you are doing will affect generations to come. So at the moment, you may be secure enough to provide comfortable lives to your immediate family or even extended ones. But what will happen to your great-grandkids, will they have enough to look forward to? You will taste your own medicine. You too, will not have any shot remaining.

7 thoughts on “Do we have a shot?”

  1. For a change to happen, it must begin from within, but if that isn’t the case, then we have no shot in fighting for a better environment and Climate justice.

    • Its time we all got on the same page and face climate change together. We dont need more lives and properties lost or damaged as a result of natural disasters as a result of climate change. Our mental health is also at risk here, something positive need to happen😢 .


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