What Happens to Fees we pay in Nature Parks that are in the Pathetic State?

What Happens to Fees we pay in Nature Parks that are in the Pathetic State?

What happens to the fees we pay in Nature Parks that are in a pathetic state? Have you ever visited such a place and regretted the whole idea of being there. Leaving you to wonder, why do they even charge us for being there. If they can’t put effort to keep them in good condition.

Nature Parks are supposed to be our Happy Place

Urbanization and developments rob us of nature and the green environment. These parks are mainly used to fill that deficit.

They should be places whereby we can experience a true nature away from the cities and what comes with them.

This means that we should have lots of vegetation, and wildlife and if rivers are present, they should be extremely clean.

No such park should have a place for plastic or any other pollution. Or exposed to human damage and degradation.

The management should make their status and health a priority.

We should not have polluted rivers or any water bodies in our parks

Waterbodies have always been left to defend themselves, hence ending up just flowing the pollutants into the larger water bodies. Like the oceans, lakes, or dams.

The people the upstream, have been disposing of waste in the moving waters for a long time. Almost turning it into a permanent bad habit. Which is one of the worst habits we got addicted to.

The guys downstream, get to experience all the pollution. But still, add to the pollution just like the upstream guys.

I think it’s Nature’s management work to ensure they follow up on the upstream and make sure their water bodies are not polluted by the inlets.

It may need an extra job, but they should make it a routine that their waterbodies are always clean.


Our nature parks show vividly the effects of pollution, while the conservation areas show the effects of deforestation, species extinction, encroachments, etc.

One nature park at a time, as we work to return their lost glory.

Let us spread conservation education and awareness to everyone, and have everyone on board. In restoring our nature.

4 thoughts on “What Happens to Fees we pay in Nature Parks that are in the Pathetic State?”

  1. I know exactly what you mean. It is deeply troubling how severe the condition is at so many parks and in our environment in general. So much change needs to happen to love this one Earth we have been gifted. If we don’t take care of it – who will?

    God bless you for caring 💚


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