Wildlife is flora and fauna that are found in the wild. They have not been subjected to domestication. Wildlife does not necessarily restrict wild animals alone, it includes both the flora and fauna. It is important to note that all species started as wild. The evolution of mankind led to some of them being domesticated.
Wildlife is grouped into different categories depending on what they consume.

1. Carnivores

These are the ones that feed on the other animals for food. They are referred to as predators while the animals they hunt, are referred to as prey.

2. Herbivores

They depend on plants for food. Only consume the plant’s part i.e shoots, leaves, bark, roots, among others.

3. Omnivores

They consume both meat and plants. Similar to humans, they can either feed on other animals or feed on plants.

4. Insectivores

They feed on insects. They cover both animals and plants that feed on insects.

5. Detrivores

They feed on the remains of dead animals. They get the needed nutrients from the decomposing matter.
Wildlife can enjoy life as offered by nature with minimal human influence until when we grew big in numbers and needed more space from them.
Human population growth led to increased demand for food and space. As a result, our actions gave birth to human-wildlife conflicts.
Their ability and freedom to roam around was significantly reduced. These led to a number of them getting extinct or endangered.
Wildlife is adapted to a lifestyle of their preference in the environment they live in.

They don’t recognize any rules but are adapted to surviving. So when they get out of their designated areas, they cause huge harm to humans. They destroy property, lives, and anything standing their way while scavenging for food. Sadly, these are as a result of human activities. We can squarely blame ourselves for it.
Major threats towards wildlife by humans include over-exploitation, land encroachment, and fragmentation.
Wildlife has great benefits besides the losses. They have been a great source of useful information for scientists. They have also contributed immensely to human income through tourism.

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