October 2022



The rains are no longer predictable, and it has been a while since it rained in most arid and semi-arid areas. Livestock has no pasture, and water sources are all drying up. Nomads together with their livestock have to trek extremely long distances to get water and food. Sadly, sometimes they still don’t get lucky …

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Floods have been witnessed in a number of countries including Nigeria, and Pakistan, to name a few. People have lost their livelihoods, their homes swept away, livestock and wildlife affected, and reduced to depending on well-wishers. Most of the affected people live hand to mouth life. Contribute almost nothing towards climate change. Their carbon footprint …

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Nature Therapy

Nature Therapy

Let’s Talk about the Joy that comes from Nature 💖You meet awesome people, who share the same passion as yours. Making it easier and more fun 🌱Interacting with soil, automatically arise something in you. Planting a tree that someone else will benefit from helps you be of service to both the community and our planet. …

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