Can Climate Change affect your menstrual cycle?

Can climate change affect your menstrual cycle? Yes, it does although it happens not as we may think.

Ways in which Climate Change affect your Menstrual Cycle

  • Air Pollution
  • Changes in temperatures.

Air pollution

Studies show that female who has been exposed to air pollution, tend to suffer menstrual-cycle irregularities. This doesn`t happen immediately but happens after a long period of time.

Meaning, if as a teenager you got exposed to air pollution. Later in life, your menstrual cycle will be irregular. Thanks to polluted air, courtesy of Climate Change.

Air pollution does not only affect our menstrual cycle, it does affect our health in general. Which may also promote stress, and stress is known to affect our periods too.

Changes in temperatures

These changes promote seasonal menstrual-cyle irregularities.

It has been noted that when the temperatures are low, periods tend to be longer. So when the temperatures rise, periods get affected. The cycle takes shorter periods that are not healthier.


The food we consume too does affect our menstrual-cycle

Consumption of papaya and pineapple promotes the generation of heat around the pelvic region, which causes the uterus to contract. Hence making your periods come faster.

Climate Change seems to affect almost all parts of our lives

Temperatures continue to rise, and nature continues to deteriorate. Food systems continue to be affected, and hunger creeps more people every single day.

Negative human activities continue to send more food products to the landfills, unclaimed products get thrown away, and fast fashion has jailed us.

I was shocked by some news I saw online, although am yet to verify. That we have some supermarkets locking their waste bins full of edible food, to prevent people from eating from them. I don’t advocate for people eating from waste bins. But if they discarded food that is still good for consumption, why prevent people from accessing it. Only to send it to the landfills.

Let’s push our governments, and involved stakeholders to act towards climate change. As we complement their efforts through eco-friendly practices.

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