Companies Should be Responsible for Their Contribution To Plastic Pollution

Companies Should be Responsible for Their Contribution To Plastic Pollution

Companies Should be Responsible for Their Contribution To Plastic Pollution and avoid making us believe that we can not live without plastics. After being tagged to various plastic packagings found in the oceans. The involved companies are now driving a narrative that doesn’t sit well with our environment. They are blaming it on our consumption and use of their plastics packings. Forgetting that, we promote their business and they do need us. And if plastic pollution continues important things around us, it also affects you.

It’s wrong how they keep “bragging” to our faces and, seem to imply that we are the cause of the problems and we can’t live without plastics. Many years ago, before corruption, greed for profit, and dishonesty was a cool thing. Almost all decisions considered their impact on our environment. The packaging was minimal and the material used was eco-friendly. That is exactly what we need at this age.

Different laws and regulations have been put in place to curb the plastics menace, but they will only work with companies’ goodwill. The companies have to work extra hard in ensuring they reduce and stop the destruction of our planet.

Why is Plastic a Problem

Plastic is made from materials designed to last forever, yet used to package things used shortly. Most of these things are used for around 5 minutes, then disposed of.

Recycling is great but not viable toward plastic pollution. Only 9% of the total produced plastic gets recycled, why the other 91% of it mostly ends up in the environment as a problem. Hence disqualify recycling of plastic is a perfect solution to our current plastic situation.

Othe Ways we can deal with Plastic


Downcycling: Involves breaking an item down into its component elements or materials. Or using an item for a lesser reason than that it was designed for. Like here, we are known for reusing plastic containers to store kitchen spices, among others.

Upcycling: Involves the creation of usable products from waste materials or unwanted items.

People have also come up with ideas of turning these plastic wastes into cash. From making tools, bricks, toys, etc.

But still, plastics remain a problem since they eventually end up in our environment and cause loss of lives.

Did you know that Oceans are responsible for 80% of the air we breathe?

As much as we have been fighting for forest cover and ensuring we planet and grow trees, they only give us 20% of the air planet Earth needs. I am not saying trees are not important, but they need their booster (oceans) to give us the needed air we need to survive. Unfortunately, our oceans have been colonized by plastics and life is slow escaping away from them.


As companies cooperate to fight plastic pollution, it boils back to us at an individual level.

When we embrace and practice the culture of always carrying re-usable bags/bottles/lunchboxes and avoid single-use plastics. We will manage to reduce plastic consumption in a big way. It’s a journey that will need several steps, where each step matters.

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