Celebrating Marine Life on the World Wildlife Day 2019

Celebrating Marine Life on the World Wildlife Day 2019

Celebrating Marine Life on the World Wildlife Day 2019. Kenyans in the coastal areas were able to interact with conservationists who taught them more about marine conservation.

There have been increased awareness among the local communities regarding wildlife and pollution. Especially in the coast, Ocean cleaning has become responsibility for the community. They ensure that visitors understand importance of not dumping into the ocean. As well remove the plastics that have already made their way into the ocean.

Through these activities, they have been able to turn these trash to treasure. We have several groups that have found ways to make stuff out of plastic stuff into beautiful items. Which they sell , hence improving their livelihood.

Most importantly, they have been able to understand the severe consequences of using oceans as dumpsites. They are ready and willing to do anything that will promote good healthy for the ocean. After all, most of their livelihood depend on the ocean and it’s resources.

They do have a special place in their hearts for marine life. The fishermen among other communities, take part in rescueing any stranded marine creature, or ones that find themselves in wrong places.

Gone are the days where they hunted for the turtle and their eggs for food and sale. Nowadays they protect them, and even taking them to the designated organizations for treatment if founf sick or injured.

They have been taught on the various marine animals ways of lives. Hence able to understand how they can help such creatures. This has been through several conservation bodies. both governmental and non0governmental. And we can happily conclude that, marine has a future after all.

Marine Life

Just like any other ecosystem, marine life has its own members and processes involved.

It comprises of plants, animals and other organism that make up the marine life community.

They have producers , prey, predators and even decomposers.

Coral reef can be said to the forests in the marine world.

Water is life and 71% of our planet is made up of it. This 71% is constituted of 97% of saline water and 3% of fresh water. The 3% of fresh water, 69% found in the glaciers ad ice caps, while 31% is found in the other fresh water bodies.

Now we can be able to understand what it will mean to us if the glaciers and ice caps continue to melt as a result of global warming.

Threats facing Marine life

  • Pollution from humans activities, such as dumping of wastes in the water bodies.
  • Over-exploitation of the marine resources. Not allowing them sufficient time to refill our extraction needs.
  • Global warming that is warming the oceans hence threating life below the water. Warm water chase away oxygen. Marine community need oxygen to survive.


Best way to celebrate marine life, also involves us paying them a visit. Not only to swim but to visit the deep end and witness the wonder creatures.

Wildlife and plants found in the deep waters comes in various shapes and forms. Be ready to blow up your mind with amazing experience. A safari can also involve doing some game spotting inside the oceans ad other water bodies.

Lets continue learning more about marine life, for a better know how . So as to be equipped as we conserve them.


Marine life is home to both the smallest and the biggest organism on earth . Plankton and blue whale respectively.

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  1. I’m so thrilled the community see’s a 360 view of conservation. When you can clean the enviroment and find a way to make money, it’s the greatest way to get the story out.
    I was sicked this morning, 1,500 endangered turtosies and baby turtles were stuffed, taped together in luggage. They know who did it but he fled before they could catch him. Sadly many died. It broke my heart to see the baby turtles taped up. I feel helpless when I hear these stories. Hope your off to a great day. 🙂


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