Exploring the beautiful Flamingos

Exploring the beautiful Flamingos at the shores of the Lakes.

Exploring the beautiful Flamingos at the shores of the Lakes. The pink line that steals our heart many miles away. Did you know that that line was a colony of flamboyance. Is it that amazing?

Lets know a little bit of these flamingos

Flamingoes are wading birds distributed throughout America Africa, Asia, and Europe. They are known to standing on one of their leg while the one is tucked beneath their bodies.

Did you know that their colour would reveal how healthy they are?

Their pink or reddish color comes from carotenoids of animal and plants plankton in their diet.


A well-fed, healthy flamingo is more vibrantly colored, thus a more desirable mate. It can be white or pale if unhealthy or malnourished. Captive flamingos are a notable exception, they may turn a pale pink if they are not fed carotene at levels comparable to the wild.

Flamingos are filter feeders and mostly feed on the blue-green algae and other creatures found in the water bodies.

They are filter feeders
They are filter feeders

We have greater and lesser flamingos

Greater flamingos

They are the tallest and heaviest

Lesser flamingos

Shorter and weigh less than their counter parts.

Something interesting to learn about Flamingos in Kenya

In Kenya, they can be found in Lake Nakuru, Lake Elmentaita, Lake Bogoria as well as Lake Magadi.

Lake Nakuru National Park
Lake Nakuru National Park

They prefer to breed at the Lake Natron in Tanzania. Hence known as their breeding site.

They migrate in huge colonies forming a beautiful V shape in the skies.

Their movements and migration are dictated by need for food or breeding. If the lake lacks enough food, they will gladly migrate to the greener pasture.

Conservation status

They are not endangered, they are considered of least concern due to stability of their population.

But this is prone to change in future due to the declining of their habitats and breeding grounds.

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  1. Wow! I would Love to see the flamingos in Kenya. When I was younger in my 20s and 30s I used to visit Florida on a regular basis and I had numerous opportunities to see the beautiful lovely Flamingos of Florida. When my Dad was alive we went on a Wildlife tour of the Everglades which are located in Florida. Other than getting bitten by mosquitoes we had a great time. Kenya is on my retirement list of countries in Africa to visit.

    • That will super awesome. Welcome to our beautiful nation. You will get to enjoy flamingos and many other awesome wildlife. Not forgeting the amazing kenyans. Traveling and visiting wildlife is great for our souls.

  2. I love flamingos! This is a very informative post. I wrote two children’s books featuring a flamingo named Franky—Franky the Finicky Flamingo; and Franky the Thirsty Flamingo.


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