Jim Nyamu : The Man Who literally Walks for Elephants

Jim Nyamu : The Man Who literally Walks for Elephants

Jim Nyamu, this thehe man who literally walks for elephants. He has travelled hundreds of miles and crossed several borders on foot for the sake of the elephants.

Who is Jim Nyamu?

His full names being Jim Justus Nyamu.

He is a wildlife conservationist based in Nairobi, Kenya. As well as an elephant research scientist, no wonder he knows so much about elephants.

He is the executive director at the Elephant Neighbour Center and a leader of Ivory Belong to Elephants movement.

You can read more about his organization at http://elephantcenter.org/

He is a man of the people and gets along with everyone. He will freely interact with the communities and this is evident when huge masses welcomes him into their countries during his walks. Very humble and passionate about the jumbos.

Jim Nyamu’s Walks

His walks started way back in 2013, that’s 6 years and counting.


Places he managed to cover during the walk:

  • Boston to Washington.
  • Mombasa to Nairobi
  • Nassau Mara to Nairobi


  • This was the year that saw success of the East African Campaign Walk. It was launched and graced by our Kenyan first lady.
  • Nairobi to Dar es Salaam then Kampala and back to Kenya.
  • Hence covering the East African countries.


  • It was time to get through the northern part of our country, Kenya.
  • Nairobi to Marsabit


  • South Africa is well known for its wildlife and as a safari destination. Nyamu went there too.
  • Tanzania – Zambia – Zimbabwe – Botswana – Johannesburg

Isn’t he the guy wildlife just need?

He is one of the best conservationists we have in Kenya. One of those who dedicate absolutely everything they have to see that our future has wildlife. They have gone put f their way to fight wildlife battels.

Have you ever participated in any walks or demonstrations? It can be really tiring and takes away every inch of your strength. The few walks I have attended, usually leave me wanna cut my legs off. But knowing that I allowed wildlife have a voice, gives me strength to continue participate these walks.

Jim Nyamu does more than that. He endures the blisters from the very long walks, hardships along the way as well as huge finance requirements for the elephants. Using that opportunity to helps us understand importance of protecting elephants. Giving us reasons to fight ivory trade since ivory belong to the elephants.

Jim Nyamu deserves the Tusk Awards Nominations

He has done alot for elephants and other wildlife. This nomination will help him do more and our wildlife will have won.

Take a few minutes of your time and nominate him. You can get his details directly from him through facebook or twitter. Just as i told, he is a nice guy. He will reply to your Dms ASAP.

Let’s do this my online family.

Get the link to this award here.

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