Are Elephants Endangered?

Are elephants endangered? How vulnerable are they to extinction?

Elephants are endangered species and at least not very vulnerable to extinction. This is due to their growing populations as a result of conservation efforts.

Someone may ask, how can a species that has a population of hundreds of thousands be endangered? The answer will be, the rate at which they were declining, qualified them to this status.

What about all these organizations dedicated to protecting this species?

Just google for these organizations and you will be shocked how many there are. We have a very big number of organizations ”dedicated ” to protect elephants.

My hope and belief are that they are doing exactly that. Doing the best they can to save this species and not profit from them. And forget the initial agenda.

Did you know that elephants are considered a keystone species in the African landscape?

You can read more about keystone species here.

Many many many years ago, elephants used to roam freely on our planet especially in Africa and Asia. There were huge numbers. Having no predators due to their size, they lived for many years. They still do live many years but currently facing a number of threats and problems.

Adult elephants have no predators except humans. While the young elephants may be predated upon by animals such as lions, hyenas, etc.

Elephants puts Africa in the world map and they have done a lot to our economy.

Before the ivory trade was banned, elephant tusks were gold mines. Unfortunately, poaching is still active despite all the opposition towards it.

Some of the threats facing elephants

  • Poaching activities: Elephants are being targeted for their tusks. And lately, I saw they are now using elephant’s foot as a stool/mini seat.
  • Loss of habitat as well as habitat fragmentation. Space has been a problem for the growing human population. We have encroached huge parts of land meant for this wildlife. Wildlife corridors are almost gone.
  • Scarcity of food and water. As a result of limited land, these animals are forced to live in very small spaces and food becomes a limited resource. Water sources are also scarce.
  • Climate change. This monster has affected almost every living species on this planet. It has resulted in a drought that has also contributed to the scarcity of both water and food.

Some countries still think that the ivory trade should not be banned

They argue that if elephants can be ranched and their tusks sold afterward. The money obtained from this trade can then be used to support conservation activities.

I don’t agree with them.

Let them look for other means of getting the money needed without having to use wildlife body parts.

Good news

Despite being endangered, elephants’ growling numbers are promising. There have been increasing lately. May we continue fighting for the species as well as the others. We need wildlife years to come too.

13 thoughts on “Are Elephants Endangered?”

  1. I completely agree with you. The minute the ivory trade is allowed to get a foothold again, then I can’t believe that poaching won’t also increase. I personally would like to see ivory antique items also outlawed – surely we should be more concerned with the living creatures than than the carved remains of their ancestors…

    • That’s right dear. We have to ensure that these wonder creatures survive extinction. Allow them a chance to rebuild their population, give back their land and offer them protection. Ivory trade should be history and never revisited ever again.

  2. I was talking to my husband a couple of days ago on the same topic. I certainly don’t the answers, there are no fences to stop elephants form eating crops, no stopping a corrupt government either. I have hope but I don’t no where my hope is put in. They are so smart, feel emotions, grieve the Childs death, they are like humans in so many ways. Have a great day.

    • Its one hell of a dilemma. You have to keep both community and wildlife welfare in mind in whatever is to be done. The management and organisations that are supposed to offer good political will, failing us in some ways. Te elephants mostly go to farms that occupy their former corridors or have something they can eat especially in dry seasons. I think if we can give back the land meant for these species and maintain safe distance between human and wildlife habitats, maybe we can eliminate the human-wildlife conflicts. Getting this land back is the biggest problem. But I tend to get confused sometimes, many years ago these communities lived in harmony with the same wildlife. What did they do different those days? Human-wildlife conflicts were rare if any.

      • My guess is years ago they had huts and grew crops and the land was plenty for the animals. I would love to see them in the wild but I think tourist are another problem. Elephants live a long time, in some countries they are used to move huge logs, but the people who take care of them love them. At the end of each day they give them a bath and play with them in the water. I understand people have to find a way to live. The biggest difference is Elephants aren’t being eaten. Chinese medicine still uses real tigers paws, shark fins, and in Africa people are killing Rinos and Elephants for the ivory. The people who get the ivory always have a bigger with a large paycheck. I understand as we have to make money but breaking the law and slaughtering animals isn’t making a living, Their criminals or funding terrorist. Of course that’s my two cents. Have a great day. 🙂


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