The 5 W’s and 1 H of Wildlife Conservation

The 5 W’s and 1 H of Wildlife Conservation? Let’s try to break down what wildlife conservation entails.

Conservation has been a global concern lately. And more people are showing interest in it. It’s no longer a thing for the concerned parties like the researchers and the like. People are now recognizing the importance of a healthy planet. Appreciating the importance and survival of our natural resources. Hence doing our best to practice sustainable utilization.

A lot has changed in our present world. From developments, technology, climate, natural resources, and human population. We have evolved and managed to adapt to the changes. But sadly, some species are giving up and unable to catch up with the random changes. Eventually getting extinct.


Wildlife: It’s any undomesticated animal/plant species that grow or live wild in an area without being introduced by humans.

Conservation: Refers to the preservation or efficient use of resources (efficiently or ethically).

What is Wildlife Conservation?

It involves protecting wildlife and their habitats.

  • By protecting wildlife, we should be able to provide them a conducive environmental condition. Abiding by conservation rules when we visit them. Avoid activities such as hunting, poaching, unnecessary laboratory experiments that use wildlife, causes deaths within the parks due to overspending, heavy human traffic inside the parks, wildlife circus, just to name a few.

We should be able to only do what is harmless towards wildlife. And have their welfare as a priority.

  • Land encroachment and grabbing should stop. And the land was given back to the wildlife. As much as we need that space too. We should not take from the wildlife since they are the voiceless ones. We should also be able to co-exist peacefully with wildlife that lives within the communities.

Some areas still have wildlife roaming freely within the surrounding communities. And they have been living peacefully for years. We should be able to work towards eliminating any human-wildlife conflicts.

Why should we conserve wildlife?

Do you think we should conserve wildlife?

All wildlife are natural resources, hence a gift from mother nature to humans. It’s one of the most valuable resources that we can not create. But only use and sometimes destroy.

Think about this. What if all the wildlife that you have had an opportunity to interact with, had got extinct before you were born? And you only had to know about them in a museum from the stored skeletons filled with rugs inside. Trying to make you relate to the real one. Do you have any sad feelings from only picturing that?

That’s the feeling that should give you a reason to ensure that the existing wildlife never gets extinct. Wildlife is unique and helpful in a million ways. They offer a wide range of benefits and don’t require much in return. They just need some TLC (Tender Loving Care). We refrain from the activities that offer a negative impact on them. And they will be just fine.

Future generations will be able to follow our examples and enjoy the wildlife we currently have.

Think of the reasons that push you to plan a safari, visit a zoo/orphanage, the smile on your face when you watch a tiny chipmunk nibbling nuts, getting a kiss from the giraffe……..All those sweet moments that we try our best to capture through our cameras. They are some of the reasons we should conserve wildlife.

When can we conserve wildlife?

It’s 24/7. Every minute should be used to conserve wildlife.

What do I mean by that? Is it a full-time job?

Nope, we just have to make it our daily routine/habit and all will be well.

We start by practicing simple habits like managing our waste, avoiding one-use plastics, not killing wildlife for sport, fun or their body parts, cleaning our oceans, despising our waste responsibly, and always asking ourselves if whatever we are doing is environmentally friendly.

It’s that simple. Simple acts that have a giant impact on our planet.

Who is responsible for wildlife conservation?

We can only answer this question by understanding who the natural resources belong to.

Natural resources also include wildlife. And it belongs to everyone. No one can claim ownership of natural resources.

So yes, wildlife belongs to all of us hence our responsibility to protect it. We have to fight anyone who goes against that. Anyone who poses a threat to it. Or get involved in activities that harm our wildlife.

We all take care of the things we love and own. Let’s extend the same concern to our wildlife and protect them with all we have.

Where does wildlife conservation take place?

Where is wildlife located? Almost everywhere, right?

So, if it is everywhere then we practice from there. The Internet made our planet become one tiny village. For the far places we can’t reach physically, then spread the word. But places we can set our foot at. It’s always fruitful to be actively involved in this noble job.

Connect and ensure that nature gets the best.

How do we conserve wildlife?

They are a million ways you can conserve wildlife. I will tell you some of them that you can start with.

  • Reduce your waste and carbon footprint.
  • Adopt wildlife, volunteer to the wildlife organization, or make donations.
  • Pay visits to the Zoos/Nature parks /national parks/marine parks. Any place that wildlife lives.
  • Fight any pollution that poses danger to wildlife.
  • Spread conservation education and awareness.
  • Speak against poaching and hunting. Also, refrain from buying any items made from wildlife body parts.
  • Push leaders to make laws that cater to wildlife welfare.


It’s my wish that we are now on the same page about wildlife conservation. As we start this new year, let it be at the center of our daily activities. One step at a time, we will get there eventually. A healthy planet with its amazing wildlife intact.

Thanks, everyone for the continual support, let’s keep the discussion going.

22 thoughts on “The 5 W’s and 1 H of Wildlife Conservation”

  1. Yes good post for the start of the New Year. Doing our bit this year. I have moved our chickens to our new farmhouse, so the barn gardens will now be turned over to wildflowers in the hope of regenerating a wildflower meadow there. It will also end up a home for hedgehogs, field mice and other creepy crawlies.

    • Wow, You gave me a wide smile to both my lips and heart as i read your comment. That’s super great. You will have a paradise of your own soon when wildlife finally joins you there. May 2019 be greater than 2018. Thank you for making my day.

  2. It’s a great pleasure to encounter a spokesperson for wildlife conservation within Africa. Here in the U.S. the subject gets a great deal of media attention, while both support AND threats flow from here. I’m certain you know far more about both the support and the challenges Americans represent.
    Wildlife everywhere face dire threats, but certainly nowhere more than in Africa, and I salute your efforts.
    Thank you for visiting Under Western Skies.

    • Thank you very much. Wildlife have been turned to orphans and beggars. Its time we speak out, shout if we need to but ensure that they survive extinction possibility staring at them.


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