What do you need to have unforgettable trip in the wild?

What do you need to have unforgettable trip in the wild?

Everyone looks forward to having an epic time out there during their trip. To create unforgettable moments and memories. To have one of a lifetime trips/weekend/safaris, etc.

It’s a time to shake up the usual, let go the burden and stress of life as well as allowing our soul time to heal and rejuvenate. So it has to be one of a kind.

Everything that gives best results includes proper prior arrangements and preparations. You can’t just go blindly hoping that things will sort themselves out. You may end up not enjoying your time in the wild.

Nature is full of surprises, both bad and good. The plan may change but it was better to have had a plan anyway. Because it helps to smoothen the surprises .

So what are the basics for such trips?

  • Knowledge about the place you are planning to visit

It’s very important to do a research about the place you are planning to visit. This is irregardless of whether you will have a local guide or not.

The research will help you know what to expect. From the local community and their cultures. You don’t want to find yourself in trouble for offending any of that. Or not being able to mingle well with the locals. To really enjoy some where new, locals offer the best intel.

Research helps you know about the weather patterns and geographical structures. You will know what animals to look for, plants native to that area, and many more.

Ideally, the research gives you a preview of your trip. An angle to ensure that you fully exploit that place.

  • Documents

Ensure to carry with you all the needed documents to avoid any inconveniences.

  • Budgeting

Money is very vital. You have to know how much you need to be able to enjoy your trip. And always carry more than you expect to use. Know how much stuff cost in your area of interest, exchange rate if need be and pricing of different things.

Write down all the activities that will need you to pay for. Research will offer you this information.

  • Map of the area or a GPS and a guide book

Technology has made it easier not to get lost in new places as well as offering directions to various points. So having a GPS device with you is vital.

Map is also very important if you want to explore all the hidden nature treasure. The map will help you find the caves, waterfalls, parks, and many others. Basically, map is your google in the wild.

If you don’t want to miss all the fun spots, carry a map plus a compass with you. These two tools make explorations one amazing adventure.

Guide books helps in a wide variety of tasks. From helping you in understanding the local language, giving you directions to places such as hostels/restaurants/ATMs/public transport/etc. You don’t have to risk be lied to by the ”unwilling” strangers.

It’s an evil world and not everyone will treat you well all the time. It’s good to have some basic knowledge to stay safe.

  • Understand seasons and consider your timings

Timing is very important. If you would like to spot wildlife, then very early in the morning or late in the evening will allow you that. This means that you will need to plan it within that schedule.

Depending on what you wish to achieve, you have to take your trip during that season that offers what you are looking for. Each season offers you different things to enjoy.

For example, if you are to enjoy the great wildebeest migration. Then you have to visit Kenya between October to earlier December. Or else you will miss them.

Seasons also helps you know what time of clothing to carry for your trip.

  • Patience

Unlike the rest of us, nature takes its sweet time. There’s no hurry in nature if you are get a glimpse of what happens there.

The patience should be accompanied by other important stuff like minimal disturbance. Let’s say you are in a park and would like to witness a hunt. You will need to identify the hotspots like the water holes. After which you may need to lay low for a while in a really quite manner. Most preditors will run away incase of any noises.

It may even take you few hours sitted at one particular point waiting to enjoy that moment. Camouflage with the environment and use your eyes/camera to record your 1000 dollar moment. It’s one of the most satisfying moments in the wild.

Remember to avoid creating human and vehicle traffic in the parks. It contributes to stress build up in the animals.

  • A place to note down, record or capture your moments during the trip

Who doesn’t want to capture these precious moments?

You can carry with you a good camera, smartphone, journal, etc. Somewhere you can be able to have your moments secured.

  • Communication devices

Most of the very native and interior places in the wild lack good telephone receptions. So satellite phones can be very helpful in such places.

If it’s within parks, the management may offer you one of these phones before you get into such areas.Then you can be able to communicate incase of anything while inside there.

Remember nature is full of surprises and you need to be ready all the time.

  • What are you planning to do during the trip?

Are you going for camping, hiking, expedition, rock climbing,swimming, deep diving, sky diving, etc. What exactly are you planning to do?

You have to adequately plan before hand. To avoid hurting yourself during the real deal.

For example, for you to enjoy the extreme hiking you need enough exercise prior the trip.

I remember during one of a hike I went with a group I met online. It was a mixture of different people from different places. Some were new to hiking and there was this particular guy who ended up being very dramatic.

His girlfriend had invited him for the hike. He was not prepared. After few hours of hiking, his body could not hold up anymore. We were almost half way up the mountain which was very dense. Hence easy to get lost. So we had to remain close to each other. He started slowing down the group and several people would try to encourage him to catch up the pace.

At first he took it nicely, but when every part of his body started to give you. He turned violent. He refused to make another step forward and demanded to go back. That was impossible because he was new to the area and could definitely get lost. His girlfriend tried to sweet talk him but he was done.

He even broke up with her up there. Our guide had no choice but request for someone at the gates to come for him, he was instructed to remain at the same spot till help arrived.

So to avoid such scandals, train and prepare your body and mind well enough.

  • Gears and equipment

Place everything you need to pack on a flat surface. Confirm that you have everything you need before packing.

This will help you not forget of your equipment and gears needed.


As we have seen, preparation is the most important part of your trip. Preparations will help you to know what you need, what you will spend, what you get to enjoy and who you will meet along the way.

Do you part and nature will gift you with amazing memories and moments.

Happy travels around the world.

18 thoughts on “What do you need to have unforgettable trip in the wild?”

    • Its one of the greatest wildlife migration in East Africa. 😂😂 baby elephants drops their way into this world. Watching them being born, feels amazing. Elephants are very unique and emotional

      • Elephants feel emotions like we do. They mourn, will stand over dead baby and try to revive it, they are extremely smart and it’s wild the females and males don’t travel together. I’ve watched the migration probably 100 times but to be a fly on the wall and see the cycle of life and the endurance of the wildlife. I don’t know how we change thinking to consider the animals and not steal their land to build houses or to kill them. Here we have bobcats and coyotes and they walk the neighborhoods at night looking for something to eat because we’ve taken every inch of their land. I used to walk the creek by my house and take photos of coyote footprints.

          • I feel like I’m one of the animals when I’m watching or just off the corner witnessing a miracle on earth. I have so many animals I want to see but I don’t feel safe to travel. My skin is pale white and tourist have a way of getting detained. It’s on my Bucket List. I updated last week along with my about me page. I wanted my page to show who I am now and put the past at the end. I’m a survivor and that’s what is important for people to know. 🙂

          • And they get strength and hope from your own story. You are doing a lot for all of us out here. Through you we can have strength and hope for a bright future.

          • Thank you very much. And I told my sister about the new name (Queen of Paradise) and her immediate words were ”I love your friend”. She liked it . Thanks for putting a smile on her face.

  1. Travelling to distant destinations uses huge amounts of aviation fuel, pollutes the atmosphere and adds to greenhouse gases. All to collect another “experience”. Best to stay home and enjoy the wilderbeast migration or whatever on TV.
    Sorry to be a wet blanket.

    • Thank you for your input. Its a good one and am happy you have good intentions for our planet. Maybe embracing lesser polluters to the environment while traveling.


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