What drives you while planning for safaris?

What drives you while planning for safaris?

What convinces you to hit the road and pay a visit to the wildlife in the wild?

“There is something about safari life that makes you forget all your sorrows and feel as if you had drunk half a bottle of champagne — bubbling over with heartfelt gratitude for being alive.”
Karen Blixen

What is a safari?

When the word “Safari” is mentioned, Africa and its wildlife pops into our minds. This is because Safari is used to describe the journey to Africa’s conservation areas.
The journey includes hiking, photography, rock climbing, camping, trekking, expeditions ,and also sort of awesome crazy stuff we are able to do in the jungles.
In short, safari is a visit we pay wildlife and indigenous communities.

Options while doing a safaris

Safari has evolved with time and activities keep changing with time. Just like technology, it keeps changing.

Virtual safaris

Safaris can be very expensive and more tourists and embracing virtual  safaris.
This involves streaming a safari at the comfort of your home. Organisations stream live from the jungles and allows you to join in virtually.
All you need is good internet connection and a laptop/smart TV.

Volunteer safaris

This is for those who don’t mind offering a helping hand and mingle with the locals.
It allows you to offer free services to the conservation areas such as the orphanages, santuaries, conservancies, among others. In return , you are provided with a place to sleep and meals.
It also allows you to offer donations for the wildlife and community welfare.
Its one of the most noble form of safari.

Road-trips safari

Its very enjoyable to get to know other people’s cultures and way of life.
This can be achieved by forgetting about the air trips and embracing the 4WDs.
You just need to keep driving from one town to the other. Hang out with the locals and allow yourself to have some good time. Join them in their festivals, share good time in their bars/clubs/hotels/etc.
You not only get to enjoy wildlife and people’s warmth, but you get a deeper understanding.
Its one of my favourites.

Game drives safaris

This is greatly dedicated to wildlife viewing and spotting.
It involves visiting different parks and reserves. trying to spot as many wildlife as possible. And taking their photos for memories.
It also accommodates hiking, camping, trekking, cycling , among others. Within the conservation areas.

Captivity safaris

Not everyone loves the hustle of spotting wildlife in the natural habitats.
This safari caters for their needs. The animals have already been placed in one location inside cages. All they have to do is just take photos and enjoy them.
It includes sanctuaries, zoos, orphanages, safari parks and many others.
It may be convenient but cannot be compared to the game drives safaris. Their wildlife are less wild due to their confined conditions. Hence denying the chance to really witness true behaviour of that particular wildlife.
Its one of my least favourite.


These are just a few ways you can enjoy your safaris. Safaris have infinity ways to be enjoyed. You just have to be creative and open minded. Don’t limit yourself or fear to try out crazy stuff. As long as you maintain safety measures between you and the involved parties.

Benefits of doing safaris

  • Helps you to respect nature. Most safari operators are cautious with how you treat nature during the safaris.
  • Promotes good relationships with your family and friends. A family that travels together….
  • Allows you abundance access to the vitamin D from the sun. Africa is the hottest continent and sun sticks around throughout the year.
  • Animal therapy. This can salvage your mental health and sanity.
  • You get to learn different cultures.
  • Priceless memories and experience.
  • You get to use all your five common senses at once. No more reliance on the technology that has made life easy and common sense not very common.
  • Allows you to offer a helping and betterment of the wildlife and communities welfare.
  • And many others


The year is coming to an end and holidays are coming up. Instead of getting bored indoors. Make plans and do a safari. You will surely thank me afterwards.

“It’s really beautiful. It feels like God visits everywhere else but lives in Africa.”
Will Smith


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