Happy Biodiversity Day 2020

Happy Biodiversity Day 2020

Happy biodiversity day. This year’s theme is: “Our solutions are in nature”. That’s right, all our answers can be found in Nature. All we need to is pay some attention to her.

Mother Nature Cares for us

She provided all the raw materials and resources we need for survival and comfortable lives. That is if we do so sustainably.

Negative human actions have been pushing mother nature to a very difficult place, where we are now losing species, being prone to natural distances, among other things.

As we lose species, biodiversity is affected. Every living thing has a role to play in the ecosystem, hence it needs to be protected and cherished.

Enjoy this Biodiversity Day

Do enjoy this day and take care of mother nature. Let’s ensure:

  • We protect species from extinction
  • Reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases
  • Reduce plastic pollution
  • Sustainably use natural resources.
  • Respect and cherish land being occupied by wildlife and forests.
  • Simply do right by our planet.

We only have one planet, and she is giving up from all pressure we have been subjecting her to. Natural disasters have become a norm, this is not right. We need to make the call of changing for the better for the future.


Longtime ago before technology took over our world. Humans depended on nature for almost everything. From food, medicine, therapy, etc. They treated nature with the respect it deserves and ensured everyone in the community did the same. It was a mutual relationship that both benefited from.

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