If All Cities Embraced Climate Action, It will boost this fight by 50%

If All Cities Embraced Climate Action, It will boost this fight by 50%

If All Cities Embraced Climate Action, It will boost this fight by 50%

If all cities embraced climate action, it will boost this fight by 50%. Cities are not many as compared to rural areas, yet they have been known to contribute towards climate change more.

According to the United Nations, Cities consume 78% of the world’s energy and produce more than 60% of the GHGs. Despite account for less than 2% of our planet Earth surface area.

Many love to be in the cities

Many people love city life due to all the benefits that come with it. Hence explains the huge rural-urban migration.

This is despite many city dwellers hating it but still willing to survive in it. How many people in the cities have you ever heard genuinely love to be in the city? Very few, but still have a thing or two they hate about it.

For rural areas, as much as they may lack huge benefits or even basic needs for survival. They rarely suffer as the city buddies, as results of their actions.

The human population is doubling and as urbanization spread throughout the world, more people are moving into the cities. Same space, same resources, and the same activities. So almost everything becomes scarce.

As people move away from the rural areas, lands are being left bare and nothing much going on. Except for little farming that can feed the family. Leading us to depend on greenhouse farming for the food needs by the city population that know the market and supermarkets to be their food source.

Organic farming ends up being seen as non-profit and time-consuming. And as we engage in faster ways to get food on our table, we engage in shortcuts.

We manipulate agriculture and digitalize it, adding more chemicals to the soils. Injecting more chemicals to the food to ripen or have a longer shelf life. Not necessarily stopping to wonder where do all these chemicals end up at.

Have you ever wondered why people from the previous generations lived long and didn’t suffer the life-threatening diseases we have at the moment?

The human lifespan has been reducing despite having improved technologies that were discovered to offer better and quality life.

How do Cities contribute to Climate Change?

Consumption of energy: Cities have been known to be the greatest consumers of energy. The energy that is most known to emit GHGs. Almost everything in the cities runs on energy. And where is this energy being extracted from?

Pollution: Cities are exposed to all manners of pollution due to human activities. Almost everything is not safe to consume or breathe in our cities. And if you are not in the upper class where you can buy your safety, you survive by God’s grace.

Bursting human population: It said that as the world continues to double its population, cities grow thrice. More people are moving to the urban areas, and due to good health facilities, the infant mortality rate is low. Hence allowing cities the chance to burst their population.

Buildings taking up all the space. Second, to the human population, is the high number of tall buildings. And almost zero vegetation. We are almost missing the green part of the environment.


Cities being the greatest contributors to climate change, climate action is vital and extremely urgent.

Eco-friendly cities will help us get our healthy planet back.

We should also sustainably develop rural areas, with environmental protection in mind. To curb the rural-urban migration.

7 thoughts on “If All Cities Embraced Climate Action, It will boost this fight by 50%”

  1. Good one. We should move out of cities and produce more fruits and vegetables. But this is one angle of the whole situation.
    The world is facing two serious problems: Global Warming and Water Shortage. Both can be solved with one action : stop consuming beef and dairy. Cattle causes more warming than all the automobiles and to produce one kg of beef we consume 900 litres of water; to produce 1 litre of milk we consume about 90 litres of water. We consume all this water and produce global warming. Sad but true.

  2. Wagnificent piece🐾
    Asking humans to change lifestyles is often met with many varied responses & excuses.
    Those who do accept & meet the challenge are still faced with balancing personal choices & society’s demands.

    ashok your comment is pawsome🐾

    💜nose nudges💜

    1. Well said. Meanwhile, let’s take the high road and do the right thing. Maybe the rest will be motivated enough to join us. No more excuses, our planet needs real action and change of heart from humans.

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