Interesting things to enjoy in Maasai Land (Narok)

Interesting things to enjoy in Maasai Land (Narok)

Narok is home to the beautiful Maasai community that is well known for its beautiful Maasai shukas and the ability to jump very high. They are the most interesting people to mingle with but dare not to annoy them, their anger management is not that good. Most of their cultural activities are not yet corrupted by civilization, they are still attached and proud of their traditional ways.

They have the biggest farms for barley and huge numbers of livestock. Ownership of land is still communal and polygamous is still a thing in their midst. Their culture is the best in Kenya and my personal favorite.

I usually visit this town once in a while. It’s a breath-taking journey that allows you to enjoy a wide variety of things to enjoy from the landscape scenes, indigenous tree species, satellites, forests, hills, huge plantations, among others. The land is arid but the community has not cleared all the indigenous trees like other parts of the country. Charcoal burning is one of the threats facing these forests but the Kenya Forest Service and Kenya Wildlife Service as well as NGOs have been working hard to stop it. They have been improvements.

You will pass through Maai-Mahiu town as you head to Narok from Nairobi. As you pass Maai-Mahiu, you will notice that most of the land is not developed or occupied as the community still practices the nomadic lifestyle. They move around with their livestock in search of pasture and water. This has also created a hindrance to education access within this community but a few do take their kids to boarding schools. The community is embracing the new world.

There’s a Catholic church built by the Italian POW in 1942. The church can only fit 12 members just like Jesus’ disciples. It’s in very good condition and one of the hidden treasures along the Nairobi-Narok highway.

The suswa hills are famous for various sporting activities that attract people from all over the world. These activities have gone a long way in making communities’ lives better since the benefits are shared with them.

Narok is well known for tourism and hosts the famous Maasai Mara National Reserve. This conservation area is managed by the county government. It hosts various conservancies under NGOs that work towards the conservation of the special species found within the reserve. Most of the wildlife is found outside the reserve but the community has found a way of co-existing with them. They have been a few cases of human-wildlife conflicts but generally, they have been great improvements. Communities have been educated and made to understand the importance of wildlife conservation which has been fruitful so far.

Narok town is developing fast welcoming malls and big shops. The county government has done a good job of making the town look good. You don’t need to do your shopping in Nairobi while planning to visit Mara, you will find whatever you need in Narok. I hope it will be one of the Kenyan cities some days to come.

If you love watching the big fields of land and people working around, you get to enjoy that in the preparation periods. You will be able to see livestock grazing around as the boys play funny games. The women are not left behind, you will get to enjoy the beautiful designs they have made from the Maasai shukas. And don’t forget to get yourself several Maasai shukas.

The most fascinating and beautiful landscape scenes are found along this road. The roads snake their way through the hills allowing you a wonderful view of the valley. There are several viewpoints built to allow you to enjoy this beautiful sight.

Locals in Narok are very friendly, making it easier for you to mingle with them. They will help you have the most interesting exploration and maximum enjoyment. You will know how to dance to their songs, jump like them, hum to their songs, and many more.

It’s a beautiful place to visit and spend a weekend if not several months.

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