Is Our Company Enough For Our Pets?

Is our company enough for our pets? Especially those who have only one pet. Hence making them the unique species in the house. As much as they may enjoy our companionship, is it really enough? Or they silently wish they had contact with one of their kind?

Pets are social animals

I tend to think that animals that can be petted are social. And that’s why they are able to mix with humans.

As we know, social animals like being other animals. Either with their kind or other animals. Unlike the solitary ones that love being on their own.

With that said, does our companion alone fill their need of being with other animals. Or we are a cause of some loneliness in them.

When they need to play and you happen to be busy

This happens to me very frequently.

Since I spend more than ten hours away from home. My adorable snow has to spend most of the time alone. She has learned to play by herself. Fully utilizing the toys I bought her.

So when I get home, all she wants us to do is play. And you can’t ignore her, she is very persistent. Sometimes am too tired, or have a long to-do list yet to clear before I retire to bed. Hence unable to play with her as much as she would like.

We end up having some form of argument, which she mostly win. And I get to only work once she starts to sleep-off from being tired. In a way, I like it as it makes my day end in a good mood.

I ensure to give her maximum attention when am free on my off days when I have no plans. But that only happens once or two weekends in a month.

She is a morning person and makes sure that I wake up early too. And if I decide to ignore her, then she will go ahead and wash my face. Making it impossible to remain asleep.

I don’t allow her to go outside without my company. So basically the one she knows and can play with.

Sometimes, when she is less active. Lying on the couch or bed. I end up trying to think about what might be going on in her mind. I will call and ask her some questions. And she will just give me a look and continue with her rest.


I still don’t have an answer to my question. But I hope that our company is somehow enough to help them enjoy a quality life. And not feel like being in our man-made prisons.

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