It Got Me Thinking

It got me thinking once I watched his video.

The video was trying to understand the no straw decision made by McDonald. McDonald’s banned use of straws in their restaurants some time this year. In solidarity with conservationists towards fight against the one use plastics.

Reports have been going round on the negative effects of the plastic straws that end up in our oceans. A huge number of marine animals especially turtles have suffered this fate and died in big numbers painfully.

As a result, campaigns have been launched and spread all over the world. The campaigns have been advising on the negative impact of the one use plastics to our nature and wildlife. Alternatives have been given and things have improved lately.

More countries are banning use of one use plastic items such as plastic bags. And citizens have responded positively . By replacing the plastic bags with the reuseable environmentfriendly bags.

It has been a huge step of success for conservation. Hoping the remaining countries will join the rest and say goodbye to the one use plastic completely.

So my video guy experienced the no straw policy when he visited one of the McDonald’s restaurant. He was not given any straw for his drink. Lack of straw was not what bothered him the most. But presence of other plastic utensils being used at the restaurant.

The disposable cups, spoons,folks, among others. He was wondering what difference it really made by banning plastic straws yet allow the other plastics. Which definitely have same consequences as the straws.

He has a point

It was and still one of the best decision made of banning plastic straws. But its half way and not fully exploited by the McDonald as well as other restaurants. Especially the ones that offer fast foods on the go.

The number of plastic utensils used and given to a client once they purchase their food is a lot. And being disposable , are only used once. Hence make their way into the oceans sooner than we can imagine.

The straws in the oceans may reduce in number but it will be replaced by the plastic spoons/forks/plates, among others. Different objects, same materials, same destruction.

The same way they banned use of plastic straws, they should do their best to come up with recyclables utensils. Utensils that can decompose, refused or easily recycled.

What point am I trying to make here?

Plastic is plastic regardless of what shape it has been transformed into. As I explained in one of my blog posts, this stuff doesn’t decompose like other waste. Hence posing severe danger to our environment.

The ban on the one use plastic items and zero waste is geared towards reducing plastics in our planet.

Plastic took over our planet and when we realized it, it was almost too late. Just look around, how many items can you spot made of plastic. Almost half of what we have in our homes. This is because they are “convenient”, cheap and easily accessible.

Can we live free of plastics?

Sadly , maybe not.

But what we can do is try eliminate as much plastic as we can and save our planet. It’s a long way to go but each step counts. The same way we invented plastics , we can be able to come up with another alternative.

People are more conscious of the environment so there is hope when it comes to new developments. They have to adhere to the set guidelines that ensure they are environmental friendly.

What do you do as person?

It’s said that change starts with you.

Next time you want to grab fast food on the go. Same way we nowadays carry our reusable shopping bags with us. Then we should add utensils with us. Simple ones that we can always refuse and doesn’t harm our environment.

It may sound and seem cumbersome, but our planet will be really grateful. And it’s a good feeling to you in the long run. Knowing that you have reduce your waste print.

Sample of lunch container.jpg
Sample of lunch container
For all your soft drinks
For all your soft drinks

I would like to know what you think about all these.

22 thoughts on “It Got Me Thinking”

  1. All one use plastic should be banned. In Denmark they collect plastic items for recycling, but I would still prefer less plastic package. For example here they fill the best natural source water into plastic bottles, one cannot buy water in glass bottles … the awareness is still not there.

  2. In the movie Aquaman the denizens of Atlantis fling the trash, garbage, plastic and other pollution back up on the shores of the Surface dwellers aka humans. The Aquaman film addresses the issue of Ocean pollution from the viewpoint of the Atlantans. Hopefully this movie will have a great impact on both old and young People. Plus my brother Stephen and I enjoyed watching this movie.
    Also back in the 1960s and 1970s grocery stores and supermarkets only gave paper bags. All your groceries were packed into paper bags. Some stores are returning to this policy.

    • Its a great way to pass awareness on environment conservation. People will be able to relate hence act upon it. Its a good thing to see media doing their best to spread conservation education and awareness.

    • I agree. When I grew up groceries were only packaged in paper bags. Even produce was sold in paper bags and I can’t understand why we don’t simply return to these habits. The amount of plastic waste produced today is sickening.

  3. We discussed the plastic straws issue in a previous blog Post and there is a bill before the City Council to ban plastic drinking straws in New York City However all restaurants must provide straws for paralyzed People and People who don’t have the use of their hands. Therefore if a person born without hands or is paralyzed visits an eating establishment straws must be made available.

  4. I wish everyone thought like this! Just to be more aware of the plastic waste we’re generating and find alternatives, one straw or plastic container at a time, would do so much good. If everyone just did a little . . .

  5. Growing up in Scotland we had very little plastic. Our parents ( read mother) used shopping bags which she used every week and lasted for years. Milk was sold in glass bottled as were most drinks. The bottles were collected, sent to the bottle factory to be recycled and made into new bottles. Some were melted and remade, some were sterilized and reused. Anything that had to be wrapped was wrapped in paper. Paper, cardboard, glass and tin cans were all recycled and remade into new products. As children we collected jam jars. Jam was produced in glass jars – half pound and one pound jars. The half pound jars were worth a half-penny each and the pound jars were worth one penny each. We could get some good stuff for a couple of pennies.

    • And we had very little pollution then because people were responsible and mindful of their waste. That’s where we are supposed to go back to. Borrow their style of living and embrace it for a clean healthy environment.

  6. I am almost 70 and when I was growing up there was very little plastic in terms of containers, wrapping and packaging. You took your own bag to the grocery store and picked out vegetables and fruits individually and they were put into small brown paper bags. But now there is a lot of plastic in my life although I am making an effort to reduce that considerably.

    • That’s a great thing to do. We allowed plastic into our lives too much and its now working against us. Good news is that more people around the world are embracing the ban on plastic bags.


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