Learn from Animals

Learn from animals,
That was my dad's advise,
When he gifted me my first pet,
He promised I will learn more.
Learn from animals,
They are much better than our fellow humans,
Humanity no longer lives in humans but in animals,
Who always showers us with love even when we don't deserve it.
Learn from animals, 
They will never hate you and do stuff behind your back,
They are genuine and their actions tell it all,
Always ready to share their happiness with us.

Cheche - 393 posts

Hey, My name is Cheche Winnie and I love nature especially the wildlife. I strongly believe that the future generation should be allowed an opportunity to enjoy the current natural resources we have. As much as a lot has been lost, there's hope for a safe planet earth. Together we can help fight threats facing nature for a bright future.

Cheche Winnie

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