My Birthday Was Lit 🎊🎂🎁

That’s right, my birthday was lit. This is thanks to my little heroes from Heroes High School (Bahati), Kabatini ni Kwetu Youth group, Timothy Nyandusi (Environmental Journalism Society of Kenya – Chairman), a little guy named James, my awesome mum & family, not forgetting my awesome loving online family. I will never be able to truly show my appreciation for making it super awesome. Thank you very much and you all have a special place in my heart.

I had traveled earlier and spent the night at my parent’s place. Mum woke me early enough, she had to ensure everything went well on this special day. Did I tell you that I share my birthday date with my father? Oh yeah, we had two birthday humans in the house.

Meeting new faces and making new friends

The Awesome Youth Group_ Kabatini ni Kwetu Youth Group
The Awesome Youth Group_ Kabatini ni Kwetu Youth Group

I had not met the students or the youth group before, had only exchanged texts and calls with one of the youth, Ezekiel. Ezekiel has been following my blog and got interested. Later on, he invited me to his youth group. And that’s how I got to know about the youth group.

The youth group had members who were alumni of Heroes High School. What I nice way to give back to their high school.

It’s funny, but I still get nervous when about to meet new people. You will rarely notice it, but deep inside I give myself lots of peep talks to pull through. Talking via the keyboard is much easier.

The conservation was lively and responsive

Short lecture before the action
Short lecture before the action

As soon as we were allowed access to the school and a group of students. The talks kicked off. The students were happy to see former students from their schools. You could see hope and brightness in their eyes.

We talked about almost everything, from university degrees, farming, life, and the environment. They were interested in farming and how to make money out of it. I was surprised, I haven’t met a lot of students who are interested in farming. I mainly meet the ones who are after white-collar jobs. So I was shocked and sweetly surprised by their interest.

I was relieved when they mainly inquired about organic and organic farming. As opposed to the other farming styles that cause harm to our planet.

It was time to promote conservation education and awareness

I had made it known to the teacher in charge that I was there to educate the students about our environment. So we were given scouts and former members of the Wildlife club.

I inquired about their wildlife club activities, previous trips and what each of them has done for mother nature.

It was clear that they had insufficient knowledge about what I was talking about. And that’s how my new project came to life.

Just the same way I share environmental knowledge via my blog articles, I will be making time to visit schools and share the same. Especially to schools where this information is almost foreign. Imagine my new buddies had no idea about Friday’s school protests or even climate action plans.

We have had two competitions already, that allows students to elaborate on their climate action ideas through art and essays. But this was a piece of breaking news to them. I felt bad about this recovery.

We made a deal to ensure that the planted trees actually grow to maturity

I helped them understand why we should fight for our environment and wildlife. Shared a little bit about climate change and how we are failing mother nature.

I allowed students and the youth group members plant tree, and promised to look after them. So each of them planted their trees knowing that it has to grow. And for those who will succeed, I will offer a free trip to one of the national parks.

Let's plant and grow more trees
Let’s plant and grow more trees

We managed to plant 95 trees, that included 15 avocado trees. I really hope they all manage to grow and mature.

The little guy was here to make the green change too
The little guy was here to make the green change too
Greening our Planet
Greening our Planet


As I embarked home, very tired but still had energy left to sing my father happy birthday song. Awesome surprise from both mum and sister. The evening got better and summarized this special day.

As I retired to bed, I was one happy lady one year older and with good reasons to push on. If fiances would have allowed me, I think I would do this every month. But for now, my keyboard will keep on clicking.

Thanks again everyone for making my special day awesome. 😘😘😘💚💚💚🌳🌳🌳

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