Our Planet is sick, and it needs our Attention

Our Planet is sick, and it needs our Attention

Our Planet is sick, and it needs our Attention. Just like our bodies or our sick friends/colleagues/relatives. Anyone sick, need some attention and assistance. That will help them get better.

Let me paint you a picture to relate

How do we treat anyone close to us when they are sick? Especially those with either chronic diseases, terminal diseases, etc.

We tend to give all we have, from time, finances, and any other resource that may be needed. Which is a very good, responsible and noble thing to do.

Our aim is to ensure that our loved ones feel better and get their health back. No matter how bad their bodies may have suffered from the illness. We do all we can, to reverse that.

What line do doctors use while informing you about the death of your loved ones? We did everything we could, sorry for your loss.

What happens when someone or animals get sick, and no one bothers? They will be consumed by the illness and if their bodies are too weak to fight back the disease with no external help. Then they eventually die or loss some parts of their body.

So which part of our planet Earth is sick?

Our planet Earth has been sick for a while, and we have been ignoring her. Just like that cold flu that we take lemon for, hoping it disappears after some time. Only to surprise us with huge health issues. Or that rash we ignore, only to turn into serious skin disease.

It started with the depletion of the ozone layer. This is what ignited fight against industrialization that was found out to be the great cause of the ozone layer problems.

Then came the need to find space for the rapidly growing human population. Wildlife land was grabbed and encroached. Trees were cleared with no replacement. To give room for the growing human settlements. Forest cover was compromised.

With no place to live or exist, wildlife and natural plants started to go extinct. They had nowhere to survive. Human species had evaded them in full force. This resulted in the mass extinction which is still in progress.

So slowly, our planet has been losing its body parts to humans fate. The trees that act as its lungs are fighting to survive. So no enough plants to breathe in the carbon we are emitting in huge amounts. So we gave birth to a monster known as global warming.

Do you remember what your teacher taught you about rain formation? Whereby we have Conventional, Relief and Frontal rainfalls. Unfortunately, it seems all these knowledge come in, in one ear and escaped through the other ear. Now you have some ideas on why rain disappeared. (Mostly in Africa)

What are we doing wrong the sick planet Earth?

As years passed, we stopped fixing problems and instead started replacing the problematic issues. If your phone gets spoiled, instead of having it checked, you buy a new one. We are even replacing people. If a relationship is not working out anyone, no more finding solutions and trying to talk it out. But instead, we move on and mingle with other people. A generation that has too much knowledge that is now working against it.

Instead of planting more trees, we ignored and build more buildings. Continued with our developments, business as usual, and termed climate change alerts. A scam. Our greenhouse gases emissions increased and we burned our heads into the sand.

So we made our planet’s sickness acute and she could no longer fight for her healthy anymore. It’s important “white blood cells” (natural resources) continued to be scarce and that how she is losing this fight. She can no longer repair herself and is in a point where she needs our help. She can’t do it anymore.

As she gives up, species continue to extinct and life becomes difficult. Resulting in the many calamities we suffer today. From the drought, floods, hurricanes, cyclones, global warming, etc. Signs for help as she struggles to keep us alive.

Planet Earth is our home, whatever we do to it. We are doing it to ourselves.

We trash our oceans, the fish consume on the trash and consume the same fish. All coming back to us in a not so nice way. We no longer have forests to enjoy nature or even wildlife to spot. Jailed in crowded cities that is draining the life out of us.

What do we do to turn the events around and help Earth get well soon

Unlike terminal diseases that have no cure. Our planet has hopes of healing.

We can start by planting more trees, work on our population growth, avoid over-explaining the natural resources, coming up and supporting policies that support nature, good political will. And many others.

It’s a matter of first recognizing that indeed our planet is sick and it needs help. By accepting this, we will be able to have an open mind to look for solutions to our problems.

You and me should lead in this. So yes, Planet Earth counts on you. So do I.

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