Take Action Against Climate Anxiety

Climate anxiety, a feeling of dread
As we watch the world change before our eyes
Ice caps melting, oceans rising
Wildfires and storms, the new normal in our skies

We hear the dire predictions, the forecasts of doom
But somehow it feels like it’s happening in a vacuum
Like it’s happening to someone else, somewhere far away
But it’s happening here, it’s happening today

We feel helpless, we feel small
As we watch the destruction and the damage done to us all
But we can’t give up, we can’t give in
We have to fight for our future, for the state of the Earth we live in

So let’s take action, let’s make a change
Let’s reduce our carbon footprint and rearrange
The way we live our lives, the way we consume
For the sake of future generations, let’s not leave them doomed

Climate anxiety, it’s a weight on our shoulders
But let’s turn that anxiety into action, let’s make our world bolder.

2 thoughts on “Take Action Against Climate Anxiety”

    • These feelings even get worse when you watch the news and see different places suffering climate change consequences, Having a support system, a break from everything and some quality time in nature helps.


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