It has Been more than 50 years since they warned us about Climate Change

It has Been more than 50 years since they warned us about Climate Change

That’s right…, It has been more than 50 years since they warned us about climate change. But here we are, still not taking any of it seriously, or pretending not to care. Do we really understand that this climate change is a serious crisis that needs 100% attention and action? We are intelligent species that seem to choose what makes us happy as opposed of remaining alive and healthy.

We have prioritized profits over safety

This is the very genesis of corruption all over the world. We have become to greed and no longer cares, consequences of this greed. We are no longer recognizable. We don’t care who gets hurt, as long as we get our way.

Develops have taken over the importance of other key requirements, which includes:

  • Clean atmosphere
  • Waste-free environment
  • Greener planet, etc

It’s like our survival depends on these developments completely, yet this is not to.

Fridays for Climate Change Strikes

Political leaders all over the world have given a deaf year to this issue of climate change, which led to the creation and participation of this strike by youth every Friday.

They have been productive and educational. The activists get to teach us on what really matters to us, green planet free from climate change crisis.

To some, they are just a bunch of kids making noise in the streets and social media. While to some, they are the light of our current generation. Destined to save our planet from ourselves.

We all have some sort of knowledge about climate change and what is happening around us. But we are yet to fully commit and be serious in address its root cause.

Purpose To understand and take action

Climate change may be full of all the science stuff, but yet very easy to understand by simply observing our surroundings. Unlike many years ago where results were not clear, hence easily dismissed. They are now crystal clear if we only opened our hearts and minds.

Question all the changes around you and get to want to know what led to that. Understand why the weather patterns changed, where your favorite butterflies disappeared, and everything that no longer fit the old.

After understanding and let it sink, take action against it. By being involved in activities that are destined towards climate mitigation and adaptations.


As long as we continue denying it or acting as if it doesn’t matter, the harder it will be to get back on our feet when things get really bad.

Climate change will not stop or pause to allow us to get into the mood to do something. Instead, it will continue subjecting our homes and that of wildlife to droughts, floods, increased temperatures, species extinctions, terminal diseases, and a very difficult economy.

We should learn from the Corona Virus incidence. China is one of the most developed countries, yet its been weeks of working hard to fight this virus. We have lost people to this virus and everyone trying to stay out of touch with China. Economy, especially for those who depend on products, provide in China, will definitely feel the pinch.

You may see it as an exaggeration, but climate change is almost like coronavirus. But instead of killing slow and steady. Soon islands will continue to sink as the sea levels continue to rise. We are losing the alkaline water bodies due to climate change, hence losing their species in the process.

Wake up and act against climate change.

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