Decisions affecting Environment should be global considerate

Decisions affecting Environment should be global considerate

Decisions affecting Environment should be global considerate. As much as we may do a lot at the local level to protect our environment. The outside world, have the power to render it worthless. A clear indication that when it comes to the environment, it’s a global affair.

Somehow we share the atmosphere of our rotating planet

This explains why some countries suffering severe climate change effects, despite not having intense developments. They suffer actions by other countries that travel to them.

No part of our planet can separate themselves and manage to attain a healthy environment by themselves. Negative impacts from other parts that may neglect the environment will still hit them.

Kenya will not have tax on any raw timber products from other countries

To me, this was a wrong and terrible move. Especially now that we are doing our best to plant as many trees as possible. To fight climate change and ensure the temperatures doesn’t keep rising.

This move will promote logging, hence deforestation in our neighboring countries.

The government did so, in support of the local forests. As logging is still banned in the country. I don’t know if they were well informed, before making this major decision.

Kenya may manage to attain their target forest cover, but it may be in vain. If our neighboring countries have their forest cover comprised by this decision.

We will continue to lose the fight against climate change.

Climate change is a global affair

This is why the international bodies advocate for countries to work together in fighting climate change. Each country has a role to play for us to be successful.

As much as some countries may disagree with this and see it like an outside problem. It will eventually catch up with them some day. And it will be bad.

No country is immune to the changes as a result of human-induced climate change. We want to keep on developing, giving little attention to the impact it has on our environment.

We divide ourselves into classes and forgetting that climate change doesn’t recognize these classes.

How many wildlife species have we lost because we chose developments over them? How many trees did we cut down to create space for our developments? Did we know and acknowledge their importance, when we did all these? Did we take time to think about how our actions affected people in other parts of the world?

Africa is suffering consequences of climate change despite having very little developments. Most people in these countries are barely struggling to just survive. Don’t be fooled by the few developed cities in African countries. It just represents a handful of its population. The rest is languishing in poverty, not able to get basic needs.

These poor human beings are suffering due to developments, they have no access to. They are being subjected to stuff that is causing imbalance to their lives.

When leaders from different countries refuse to consider important factors, the public suffer their wrong decisions. Not forgetting the wildlife and nature.


We only have one planet that supports our survival. A planet that needs all of us to be on the same page.

This means that when you make decisions that affect the environment, have other countries in mind. Ensure no decisions affects other countries negatively. Because it will all come back to you or your future generation.

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