It Bothers Me

It Bothers Me

It bothers me when I see people litter everywhere, without even blinking an eye. Or having shame on what they are doing.

The other day I was on a public bus heading home. There was this middle-aged man that was enjoying some biscuits and a small bottle of coca-cola drink. He seemed to be enjoying his snack, but it immediately started to bother me when he carelessly threw his biscuit wrappings on the bus floor. He went ahead to enjoy his snack and once done with the drink, did the same. So after a few minutes of enjoying his snack, we had two pollutants beside his feet. And it didn’t seem to bother him. He was a few chairs away from the bus waste bin, which he would have accessed very easily. He was also on the phone during that whole time, speaking really loud. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to request to pick up his waste and dispose of correctly. so I had to do it myself. The looks that followed is what made it clear that littering is still a problem we are yet to tackle squarely.

It bothers me when I see our leaders politizing issues surrounding the welfare of our environment and wildlife.

No one has that right. Every creature, whether plant/animal/ virus or even micro-organism, that has life in it deserves a right to live. Some species may advance and conquered other species in some ways, but this doesn’t mean we eliminate the others. Let’s allow nature to take its cause in a natural way. After all, survival is for the fittest. Humans have been known to use almost everything to feed their greed as opposed to accepted needs. Hunting for food graduated to poaching for ivory, bones, skins, etc.

Long-time ago, we were able to exist with both trees and wildlife. But now, we are after displacing them and grabbing their space. And when anyone decides to fight for them, the whole thing is politicized. Slowing down the needed actions which cost the wildlife and environment in deep ways. The saddest part is when the same people are the ones that we have entrusted to make laws in our respective countries. Making us the great losers, because when wildlife and the environment get hurt. We suffer the consequences too. Because in the real sense, we need the environment and wildlife. And the reverse is not true. Wildlife and environment can comfortably survive and thrive without humans.

It bothers me when I see other species declining and we seem not to do much to stop it.

Scientist and researchers have been doing a ‘good’ job in updating us on how species extinction is alarming every single day. Classifying each of these species from being endangered, threatened or even extinct. But can they now be advising us on what to do to avoid this in the first place. May their scientific methods come too earlier, than later.

Like the case of saving Sudan, the late rhino seems late for me. Did we have to see the last one of them succumbed to death to think of the artificial insemination method to save the species? We could have done so when we realized that his daughters could not be able to either get pregnant or carry pregnancy till its due. And our chances could have been really high. Maybe by the time we allowed Sudan to rest, he would have enjoyed the company of a grandson/daughter.

I hate the idea of Zoos, but they seem to be the “safe” space for our wildlife. As the wilderness is getting smaller and human-wildlife conflicts are at the rise. Which results in the displacement and death of wildlife. As we work towards reclaiming wildlife land back, can we have the most valuable species in Zoos? With the objective of reintroducing them back to the wilderness once the land issues are solved.


These are just a few things that end-up giving me sleepless nights and a sad mood. As I watch us destroy what we think doesn’t benefit us directly.

Humans are in charge of other species for a reason. And as their protector, not the cruel boss. We are to learn from both wildlife and the environment for a meaningful life.

Elephants will teach you the act of empathy at a whole new level. Nature has been proven to offer the best healing therapy.

Can we stop being the pain to other living organisms, and mend our ways? It will be a benefit to all of us.

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