Thin Line between fighting for Humans and Wildlife Justice

Thin Line between fighting for Humans and Wildlife Justice

Thin Line between fighting for Humans and Wildlife Justice. This goes to all who fight for both wildlife and humans when they crush. In courts, while making decisions, when faced with conflicts. Anything that needs one choosing to whether stands for wildlife or humans. Not necessarily, if any of them was wrong or need to be defended.

Law allows us to have a lawyer in case we find ourselves in courts

By default, we are always innocent until proven guilty. And with the ‘baddest’ lawyers, this doesn’t mean anything. You will definitely remain innocent until they work their way in your favor.

Lawyers seem not to really care if their client is guilty, but to find a way to set them free. By knowing everything about law, they will manage to use any weak links to overturn someone else who is not their client, to a fault. They are basically paid to ensure you remain innocent and avoid that jail term. Whatever happens to those who have been offended, being least of their business.

Most of the time, I wonder to myself. Would a lawyer agree to defend someone who just killed one of their loved ones? Would they still fight tooth and nail for such a client? Am sure, no amount of money will convince them to fight for a killer who just took away the life of their loved ones. In fact, they may end up on the other side of the offended and ensure such a person end up in jail for life.

But they may argue that it’s a job just like the other jobs. Serve your client, give it all your all, win cases and be a lawyer everyone wants to have in their speed dial.

But how do you deal with the idea that you may have sent an innocent person to prison, made it possible the release of a dangerous person who might repeat their actions several times afterward, just to mention a few? They do all these knowing that their good money will enable the lawyers to work hard for their freedom.

No wonder, the most awful cases attract huge sums of money. I will leave it there for you to ponder.

Who fights for the Wildlife Justice?

Do you know of any lawyer who freely and passionately fights for our wildlife in the courts? Am not talking about the decorated ones hired by the wildlife organizations or government. Who rarely fight it out in courts. And allow the poachers and other people win.

How many private firms do you know of, dedicated to fighting for wildlife? Or any animal, in this case. Sadly, they are very few.

Wildlife Justice is mainly fought by the activist whose determinations is rendered useless in our courts.

Does it mean that wildlife is not worthy of being fought for? Why do we sideline them and deny them the justice they deserve.

Then, I fail to understand why we bother enjoying the wildlife and nature documentaries

It’s clear we see very less of them, hence the injustices. But very happy to see them on our screens. Travel thousands of miles to see them physically. Take our kids to zoos to see them.

But anything more than that, not available for the wildlife.


If someone has done something that is an injustice to the wildlife and nature, let us also have ‘baddest’ lawyers ensuring that these evil people end up in jail for a very long time. Let’s have equal energy while fighting for both humans and wildlife.

Just because wildlife and nature cannot hire the best lawyers for themselves, doesn’t mean they don’t need great representation in our courts.

The ruling may be against them due to our selfishness, but the consequences of their oppression. It will be felt by everyone.

You will fight for a poacher that killed mother rhino, then they will get extinction. Your generation and mine will both miss this incredible species. Yet you would have allowed the bad person to end in jail. Making others to stop killing our rhinos, then we don’t have to lose them to extinction.

Money is not everything. Some things have a value that can never be price tagged. As you go about your business and making a living. Ensure that in a very genuine way, no one is getting hurt. This includes wildlife, other animals, nature and people.

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  1. We all should go for the protection of wildlife, but should be very careful not to go against any human and/or animal rights (like for example WWF horribly did in the last few years).

  2. An environmental lawyer who seems like a very fine man to me is Bob Kennedy, Robert Kennedy’s son. You’re right, there aren’t too many good ones.


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