Cattles with Amazing Long Horns

Cattles with Amazing Long Horns

Cattles with amazing longhorns are no longer safe from ivory needs. The increased need for horns has pushed the perpetrators to the cattle. And it has to lead them to the ones with unique amazing horns. The very long and strong horns are majestically attached to their heads.

I was familiar with the Ankole cattle from our neighbors, Uganda, but I was able to learn about more of the battles with the extraordinary horns.

Sample cattle include:

Their unique long horns

Unlike the other cattle as well as buffaloes, these have extra long horns that make them unique. Most of them were mainly kept for their milk, meat, and hide. The horns too could be sold for art.

But the wind is shifting, their horns are being considered as ivory just like the tusks and rhino ones. The demand is growing, while the production is decreasing.

As we embrace urbanization and other means of economy, leaving out agriculture. We don’t have a good number of people farming these animals. Hence decrease in their population.

One of the research suggested that we may lose them in the next 50 years.

Indigenous species are unique and should be valued

As communities learn cultures and practices from other communities, we are tempted to copy them and somehow neglect our own.

Campaigns on consuming locally produced goods are trying to return our tastes and thoughts to our homes. But not many of us are welcoming the idea. We still see stuff from away to be better than what we have. hence promoting the death and disappearance of indigenous species, practices, cultures, and stuff.

We need to change that: East or West, home is always the best.

It’s good to admire and even embrace other people with their way of life. But we should not neglect and completely abandon what is ours.


It’s funny how someone can risk their lives, waste huge amounts of resources, just to get these parts. Believing that it will heal their diseases, elevate social status, etc.

FYI: these horns are similar to our fingernails. Same materials with no benefits. Yet we have been obsessed over it. I don’t know what man is seriously looking at while going after them or any other tusks.

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