Kenya Celebrated World Wildlife Day by Appreciating Roan Antelopes

Kenya Celebrated World Wildlife Day by Appreciating Roan Antelopes

Kenya celebrated World Wildlife Day by Appreciating Roan Antelopes. Being a day dedicated to our dearest wildlife, which one did you celebrate? Alternatively, which one is your favorite, and feels contented when you get to spot them during safaris? All wildlife is amazing and should be celebrated every single day. They are unique and make our ecosystem awesome.

This year’s theme urged everyone towards sustaining all life on our planet. And Kenyans were able to take this seriously by unveiling the plan to revamp the Roan population.

Roan Antelopes

They are rare antelopes in Kenya, that can only be viewed at the Ruma National Park. It’s sad that they are locally getting extinct, with only 12 of them remaining in our country. Sadly, as per the IUCN listing, they have been categorized as of least concern. hence not offered the seriousness and support they need. As per our experts, if nothing is done, we may lose these antelopes for good in the next five years. Only 5 years window or we are screwed. Can you imagine a whole nation with no single roan antelope?

Luckily, there’s hope in the recovery plan by the various stakeholders. They have a plan to revive their population and ensure Kenya doesn’t lose them.

Some of the reasons for their population decrease include:

  • Shrinking of their habitat due to human encroachment
  • Land-use change
  • Poaching
  • Climate change
  • Wildfires

World Wildlife Day with Positive News

This year started badly when it comes to nature and wildlife. We had several severe wildfires, wildlife lost lives, the vegetation got burned down and the climate crisis was experienced everywhere.

Learning of this plan to save roan antelopes, allows us to finally smile at long last. We now have hope that we aren’t losing another species to extinction.

But I also feel like we should be able to celebrate wildlife on a daily basis. Wildlife is awesome, they never break our hearts, unique, add value to our planet, among others. They are simply amazing.

Wildlife needs to be loved too.


Wildlife is an amazing group of species if you are allowed them into your heart. Get to know about them, understand their lifestyle and learn from them. They have unlimited benefits to enjoy.

Unlike animals at home that are predictable, wildlife is not. They will always surprise you in a nice way. Don’t just spot them, but be willing to learn something about them.

Happy World Wildlife Day to You


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