Unavoidable Grief and Sadness as we helplessly witness Wildlife and humans suffering wrath of wildfires

Unavoidable Grief and Sadness as we helplessly witness Wildlife and humans suffering the wrath of wildfires

Unavoidable Grief and Sadness as we helplessly witness Wildlife and humans suffering the wrath of wildfires. 2019 is one year that came with huge numbers of wildlife all over our planet. Whereby the wildfires unleashed their wild part.

What wildfires took from us


We lost a good population of our wildlife to these fires. From indigenous ones, and even the exotic ones. Photos in the social media tried to bring into perspective what these poor creatures went through. And it was heartbreaking. Some were trapped and had to suffer the fire consumption helplessly.
They lost their homes and friends.


Vegetation cover suffered too. And with the high temperatures, things got bad really fast. The trees were cleared by the giant fires in the forests, and very few barely survived. Unlike wildlife, that tried their luck by moving away from the fires. The trees had no option but get consumed, grilled to their roots.


We have also lost human lives to these fires, both for those who live near forests and those who had come to assist wildlife and other people.
With them, the property was destroyed and consumed by the raging fire.

What is being left behind by the wildfires

Massive carbon dioxide in our skies

As the fires consume whatever is on its way, it emitted dangerous carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Hence contributing to the existing global warming.

Bare land

Fire rarely leaves anything behind. It clears anything on its path. Leaving our land naked and prone to more harm. With no vegetation cover, natural resources are diminished and life gets exposed.

The land is no longer able to hold moisture and our atmosphere gets really dry.


The wildfires are believed to have been worse by climate change, and they seem to be getting worse each season.

Sadly, they have been reported human activities that lead to these fires too. Where arrests have been done, but more criminals are intentionally worsening these wildfires conditions.

Time to act is now and we have no more time to think about whether we should invest in climate action. We have no choice, but a responsibility to embrace.

Climate adaptation and mitigation should be our guiding steps.

12 thoughts on “Unavoidable Grief and Sadness as we helplessly witness Wildlife and humans suffering wrath of wildfires”

  1. Great post, it’s so sad what is happening. What’s your favorite charity to donate to for relief funds?

  2. Canada too is seeing a substantial increase in wildfires. But what is happening in Australia must been seen as a watershed moment. I read yesterday that the number of fires burning is twenty times their normal for the hot dry season!

  3. So sad for the helpless animals there. I wonder, about over the eons as Earth goes through warm phases and ice ages, as it is natural for this living rock, how many fires took place from lightning, drought & volcanoes before humans got here & found ways to stop at least a number of them. I was stopped at a light one day years ago, I just happened to look to the side when dry mulch at a parking lot erupted into small flames – just that tiny patch got dryer & hotter than the rest.

    • Its tragic. Dry seasons are becoming hotter and prone to bigger severe wildlfires. Longtime ago , the temperatures were lower so the fires didn;t spread as fast and immensely as today.

  4. My husband and I having been praying daily for Australia. Evil in the hearts of men who hold responsibility for these acts should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. And their punishment does not end here if their consciousness does not recognize the slaves they have become to Satan. Our prayers continue. Recovery will be a long and arduous task. May the world share its resources and manpower to lift up Australia.

  5. This is very true. A Global effort needs to take place to mitigate the effects. This is a global problem and needs to be taken up as a global solution. We cannot keep off sourcing polluting jobs to countries that have more relaxed environmental policies. By doing so, we continue the adverse effects behaviors while only shifting the blame to others.

    There is one thing that is not mentioned. Out of great destruction comes new life and rehabilitation. This occurs on the wake of any natural disaster. My prayers are with those people and beautiful animals that are undertaking this arduous journey. Thank you for sharing.

    • Its time we all take a really good care of our planet. And its very true, there;s always a silver lining. Thank you very much for the awesome additional pointers.


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