Intruding Wildlife space is also Human-Wildlife Conflict

Intruding Wildlife space is also Human-Wildlife Conflict

Intruding Wildlife space is also a Human-Wildlife Conflict. That’s right, so let’s stop having double standards. It’s funny and sad about how we have only been concentrating on human-wildlife issues, blaming everything on the stray, hungry and lost wildlife. They are never the bad guys, we just need to handle these issues with their welfare and clean concern in mind.

Turning conservation areas into our entertainment events hosting place is wrong

No matter how much we may try to justify this behavior, it’s just wrong. These are their homes and should be respected.

Many years our conservation areas have hosted healthy events that have been used to raise awareness and funds for wildlife welfare. These include the Mara marathon, cycling for rhinos, among others. These events cause none to minimal damage to both flora and fauna. You can easily miss knowing if they even happened. And those are only events that can be allowed in our conservation areas.

But when it comes to partying and music, it’s a big NO. How do you control a party involving young people, alcohol, and music? To a point of ensuring that you cause no harm/destruction/pollution to our wildlife. It’s a white lie.

Humans are only allowed to visit and take photos to hold on to these amazing memories. And when we overdo it during our visit and cause harm, then we are being cruel. Just the same way you wouldn’t like anyone ruining peace in your homes, or leave things worst.

Tourism is good but putting wildlife welfare first is great.

Wildlife get killed or injured when they brush should with the community outside the conservation areas

What happens to humans who do the same to wildlife? Who punishes that human that goes to intentionally destroy the serene environment of our wildlife and leaving the place like a mess. Do we even think about that?

It’s so unfortunate that most countries that benefit from tourism, have no wildlife welfare in their hearts. Their wildlife is in a bad state and no one seems to care. They almost get nothing in return.

And surprisingly, the people paid to protect them. Are the biggest contributors to the troubles.

The activists make noise and do everything they can to stop such incidences, but the success rate is next to impossible.


Just because you have power, you don’t have to continuously break our hearts by subjecting our lovely wildlife to negative human activities. I believe every living organism has its angel watching over them, and the wildlife angels will one day get enough of you. And do something that you will never forget.

Leave our conservation areas alone, if you have to party and do some sport. Use the spaces that you already allocated your selves. But not areas left for survival of our precious wildlife.

We will continue talking against it until you hear us.


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  1. Humans need to leave whatever land is still intact alone period. We’ve already overtaken and cleared enough land … there is no justifiable reason to take or clear any addition. There’s a movie quote from Field of Dreams that’s always stayed with me, because even though the quote or movie has anything to do with this subject, I’ve always felt that the quote speaks volumes about it “if you build it they will come.” The more we build, the more humans come to where it is they built. Some say it’s population numbers, I disagree, at least in reference to the subject of land and wildlife. We may be a small planet among planets, but we’re large enough to host both the human species along side the uncountable amount of other species that has as much a right to this planet as we do. Our species (the invaders) hasn’t run out of room, it simply continues to build for the sole purpose of building, not need (greed not need).

    I live in what used to be a wonderful medium sized town, we had the best of both worlds … suburban feel with every store you can think of (literally) less than 5 minute drive away. Huge, some of the largest, strip malls with every single store imaginable, all the names you can think of, including restaurants, hospitals, drug stores and movie theaters. In fact, our neighborhood had so much of everything in one place you never had to leave the neighborhood for anything. The best part about it was not only did we have everything imaginable moments away, but on the outskirts of the beautifully lined streets within the ares of homes and buildings were large acres of untouched land – and within that land we had so many deer, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, bunny rabbits, more bird types than I can name (land and water birds), otters, alligators and more. It was the best of both worlds – suburban feel, though metropolitan as far as all we have within the town, surrounded by countless acres of untouched land/forest/woods. And 2 towns down were hundreds, if not thousands of acres of untouched land. Now there isn’t a deer left to be found in my town. I’ve been living here for 14 years and every deer is gone, there’s not even a fraction of the birds left and with the loss of both, butterflies and insects have too shortened in numbers. In the town a few towns down that was filled with farms, large home sites of 5+ acres each filled with horses, cows, goats and more are now flattened and filled with house and townhouse after house and townhouse – the animals are gone. Why? Because we, humans, built more.

    Back to my town, we already had one of the largest strip malls (outdoor shopping centers) that I’d ever seen and then 6 years ago they decided we needed yet another one of that size within a 5 minute drive from the existing one? As they were burning, cutting and clearing the trees I’d cry and my stomach would cringe as I’d drive by … a few times having to pull off the road because I felt that sick and was crying that hard. There’s no purpose for it. “They” say that more and more have come to my area so they have to build to accommodate the need. No, more and more have come, because you’ve built a place for them to come to. There would be no need for more of everything (homes, townhomes, restaurants and on and on) if we didn’t build more, because if we hadn’t built more, more and more people wouldn’t have moved to our area – they moved here because they could, we gave them a place to move to. North of me, about 1/2 hour to an hour, people are continuously complaining about bears and other animals in their yards – yards within large home associations. They aren’t in their yards, the homes were built in the animal’s homes. Every time I hear another complaint by someone or something on the news about it, my thought immediately goes to, NO, they aren’t in your yard, you’re in their home.

    I agree with you 200% regarding the specific subject of your post and wildlife/land – but I feel it’s so deeper than that. We need to stop building, period.

    I LOVE everything you share Cheche, it needs to be shared, told, acknowledged and seen. Keep it up love – you have a wonderful voice for those who don’t. <3 Kimberly

    • Excellently explained. We have become so greedy and losing humanity touch in a lighting speed. And sad part, we keep justifying our worst behaviours. We are never contended with what we already have and always looking for more, even when unnecessary. Sometimes I tend to think that whoever said that humans are the most intelligent species, was wrong. Animals especially wildlife do a great job. For now what we can do, is continue speaking against negative human activities that harm other living organisms.

      • Maybe not speak against the negative activities (rather them alone), as much as speak of the positive activities necessary and already taking place. Negative attracts negative – positive attracts positive. Yes, the only way to inform is to bring the negative activities to the surface, without doing so the awareness can’t be birthed and it NEEDS to be, it’s so it’s critical. However, equally as critical (in my belief) is that we spread, show and speak of the outcomes of the positive, be them happening now or what they will be in “the next moment” should they happen. Give people an understanding of _____ vs. _____. type of thing. I just wrote you a very large response to your comment on my Fires of Love post. I may not post in large text, but I do tend to comment with greater lengths of words. 😁🥰💗


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