It’s One of the Saddest Valentines Ever

It’s One of the Saddest Valentines Ever

It’s One of the Saddest Valentines Ever. I really hope yours was a better one than mine. In Kenya, we failed to stop the disturbance in one of our amazing national parks, Hell’s Gate National Park. One place that truly gave me a clear vision of my love for wildlife. A place that literally shaped my wildlife career. Where I spent nights learning and observing wildlife. It’s one of my greatest heartbreak. I am even doubting i I really did enough, and it’s just giving me nightmares.

Using wildlife home for partying and bragging about it.

Since we knew about this heartbreaker party in Hell’s Gate, several groups, organizations, and even individuals. Did they best to make it stopped? One of the conservationist, even went ahead to seek Court’s help after the organization meant to protect wildlife failed to offer solutions. Instead, they gave us reasons to justify this heartbreaking event.

The court did the same, and our “enemies” told us to go to hell. No sugar coating or remorse, but just as it is.

Their headline read: To Hell with Kahumbu: Koroga Festival to proceed in Hell’s Gate after court dismissed her case

Not only is the headline out of line, its like rubbing salt on a fresh wound. Like showing us, there nothing much we can do about it.

This s a well know and established media house that we are to rely upon to help the public appreciate and protect its environment and wildlife. Do you see how lost and screwed we are?

As I write, the party has already started and it feels like we failed our voiceless wildlife. Just thinking about this line, makes me wonder between humans and wildlife, who is humane. Do we still have souls attached to our bodies, or we are empty body masses moving around. It’s painful.

Don’t pretend to care, you have ruined our valentines

After bragging to our faces and the public reacted, they decided to pretend to care. And tried to explain how their intrusion won’t cost wildlife or the environment anything.

Do you expect zero plastic pollution where we have Coca-cola products? They broadly and publicly admitted that they have no plans to do away with single-use plastic anytime soon.

Here it is: Coca-Cola says it won’t ban plastic bottles because its customers still want to use them

I am still wondering how they will control noise despite being given directions that will avoid any noise pollution. We are talking about a drunk crowd comprised of mostly youth at night.

If they truly cared about wildlife, they would have taken specialist advice seriously and look for an alternative venue. Unless whatever being contributed to this park during this party, it is paid for their damage.


As I drown in my sorrows and heartbreak, I hope the damaged cause will not be irreversible. May mother nature be able to repair itself and our endangered species see the light of day next week. I hope everyone who causes wildlife harm knowingly, gets the worst nightmares that they will never manage to get out of. Unless they change their heart and recognize that wildlife existence matters too.

For now I will cuddle my lovely snow and hope for the best. Enjoy your Valentine.


13 thoughts on “It’s One of the Saddest Valentines Ever”

    • We no longer qualify to be the most intelligent species in planet Earth. We are destroying everything yet they support our very own existence 🥺😓😒

  1. Sometimes I feel guilty, merely for being human. I hope things were less awful than you imagined, in the end. I fear for it, but I hope for it anyway. People don’t get wiser, just more selfish it seems.

    But don’t underestimate Mother Nature. She has a knack for fighting back. Usually when you least expect it, in this life or the next <3

    • True, I ask myself same questions each day. All our activities eading to our success seem to be throughing other liing organisms under the bus. And we don’t seem to even notice it. Some of us even through our fellow humans under the s to success. We have turned out to be one of the most dangerous species alive.


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