What is your Assessment Impact on Environment Awareness?

What is your Assessment Impact on Environment Awareness?

What is your Assessment Impact on Environment Awareness? Can you happily point out one or two people you have coveted to be committed environmentalists? Can you see the fruits of your passion and zeal to protect our environment?

Every call need assessment to help you know your impact

There’s a reason why we have exams, quizzes, and even practical sessions, to practice what has been learned in the class. It allows us to verify if we understand anything in our class and if we are able to apply it in life. It kinda keeps us alert and helps us give any kind of learned seriousness. Coz if we were to just learn and not get tested, some of us would have just been watching our teachers like movies. Just to pass time.

The same applies to anything we do in life. When you watch and like a nice recipe on YouTube or Tv if you don’t try it. You will not benefit much from it.

Climate Change Awareness Has been with us for a while

I recently read a friend’s blog on how climate change has been turned into a tool for creating fame. I totally agreed with my friend.

It seems most are being carried away and forsaking the main agenda. Seems nothing much is being done, apart from, posing with a poster on a particular point in our home areas. With the hashtags message, and shared on social media.

This shows that we are getting stuck at the very first step, which will be a waste of time and resources. Our actions should speak louder than words. I have witnessed how powerful actions can be, even with little media or hashtags.

I have seen youth and local communities hold peaceful demonstrations continuously. Changing the minds of the leaders, and making them do the right thing. That is what we need.

Media is important, but it’s only productive if the information passed is digested and acted upon. Don’t do it for fame, environment and wildlife existence depends on it.

Do more or change tactics if whatever you are currently doing seems not to have enough impact.


Impact assessment helps to evaluate if you are progressing, stagnant or falling. Not caring about it, is a road to failure and disaster.

If you are promoting zero waste, are you practicing it? Have you managed to convince a friend or two on the same? Are they successfully practicing it? If it’s a yes to all of these questions. Congratulations, you are heading somewhere. If not, worry not. There is always room for improvement and a second chance to make things right.

Let’s not give up or ignore the urgency of fighting climate change. We no longer have that luxury. Its a matter of life and death.

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