Why Do You Fight For Wildlife?

Why Do You Fight For Wildlife?

Why Do You Fight For Wildlife? I get this question a lot both in person or by email. Some do it in a nice concerned way. And eager to join me in the fight. While some do it in a mean way.

So there was this one

Why are busy writing about wildlife suffering drought yet we have kids dying on the same?

I think this reader either didn’t read my entire article on the issue or saw as if I didn’t recognize the fact that kids too are dying from this calamity.

In that blog post, I acknowledged the fact that humans will always have someone plan a rescue mission for them. Leaving out wildlife. So yes I know and understand that people suffer from these calamities. But we have a huge group of people fighting for us. From the humans rights people, humans activists, and even our neighbors. But how many are willing to give their time, resource, and concern to the wildlife?

I Fight for Wildlife because I have devoted myself to be their voice

Wildlife cannot speak of themselves, yet they are encountered by almost similar challenges as we do.

And sadly, most of their troubles are a result of human activities.

They don’t know how to fight for their rights or fight back. And when they are pushed to the limits, end up getting involved in human-wildlife conflicts.

Wildlife is an important part of our ecosystem. They give beauty to our planet. Offer job opportunities to society. Not forgetting the memories and therapy they give to us. They have a wide range of benefits they make possible for us.

Unfortunately, we manage everything and they have no say in anything. They don’t complain about it either. And all that makes sense to them is survive. Which is becoming too difficult in our new world.

My fight for Wildlife include sensitising others about them

For a long time, most of us had the wrong or incomplete information about wildlife. We did not fully embrace them or acknowledge their importance.

In Africa, most wildlife lives within the communities. They have been co-existing with wildlife. Which have been good until when they got corrupted and introduced to poaching.

They developed ways to avoid brushing shoulders with wildlife. For the safety of their lives, livestock as well as property. And not for their value.

We don’t see them as part of our community, but more of a nuisance and source of trouble.

Some even go ahead to associate them with bad omens and believes, hindering us from appreciating their awesomeness.

And this is where I come in. I try my best to open the wonderful life of wildlife to the public. Help them understand how lucky and privileged we are to have these wonderful animals. Offer information about them and how we can help their well-being.

I love wildlife and that’s why I will keep fighting for them

Wildlife is wonderful species ever to be experienced on our planet. They have the value that can never place a price tag. And they add value to our lives if we open our souls and heart to them.

Their lives are packed with important life lessons if we care to be involved with them.

They are loyal to those who open their hearts to them. They can create a strong bond that lasts for years with their human caretakers. Something we can borrow from them.

It started with pets and progressed to the animals in the wild. My love for animals means everything to me. They give meaning to my life and occupy each second of it.

We fight for what we love.


Wildlife is a voiceless species that needs you to be their voice. They need you to stand up for them and support their welfare.

They have the same rights to be here just like anybody else. We just have to share the available resources.

Any action towards their welfare counts. In whatever way that works for you, just do it.

Humans are important and we have a good number fighting for us. Let us extend this to the wildlife.

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  1. Great blog. My contribution is to encourage people I know who are going to Vancouver Island to NOT go whale watching. When we lived there it was nuts how many boats and tourist get too close and infringe on their space.

  2. Save the Animals!
    “Cause I want to live like animals
    Careless and free like animals
    I want to live
    I want to run through the jungle
    The wind in my hair and the sand at my feet”
    You see…
    Saving the animals, saves me!
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  3. You write with much passion for wildlife that need a voice bringing protective words to their cause.
    Thank you for reading and following my writing. I will return to learn more from your writing.


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