Clean-Up activities Need Passion and Sacrifice

Clean-Up activities Need Passion and Sacrifice

Clean-Up activities need passion and sacrifice. We are yet to fully embrace and support cleanup activities in our environments. Hence the volunteers always ending up sacrificing their time, money, etc. They have to ensure nothing hinders this noble initiative. And the fruit of their labor is enjoyed by all of us. They are some of the best humans we have on our planet.

Clean-up by the governments is not enough

Every place has a governing body that tasked to ensure that its residents live in a clean environment. Some do a job, but many of them don’t give it much attention. Hence giving rise to filthy cities and water bodies.

Some decide to privatize this sector, to get better results. But the problem comes, when the residents fail to appreciate this. Where they end up messing up the environment just because they pay for their garbage. So they may end up mixing all kinds of waste and not necessarily considering recycling or reduction of waste.

This gap is what gave birth to the various groups of activists that sacrifice everything to allow us to enjoy a clean environment. Most of them do it with no strings attached, hence no financial benefits. And it can be really tough, especially if the activities are intense.

Funny enough, we still have people fighting these generous people. Not understanding what the noble sacrifice does to our health and that of our planet.

I recently participated in a river clean-up

Unlike the ocean clean-up, this one was tougher.

The sun was hot and the dirt in the river was hard to extract. I started off with the banks, as they were easier to assemble the plastic paper, bottles and other waste.

The river was slightly deep for me, so I had to confine myself to the banks.

I was in the company of awesome young people who have been doing this noble job for the past two months. They were happy and energetic, but most importantly, unstoppable. They even had the energy to sing songs under the scorching sun. Despite the hunger, thirst and tired bodies. You could see it on their face on how determined they were to have a healthy clean flow.

The group was made up of different people, united by their passion for a clean environment.

What I learned from them

Passion makes a difference. Their love for the environment is what has been fueling their success in giving back the Mbagathi river its life.

Money may be limiting factor, but one step at a time makes the whole difference. These guys are in need of financial support so as to fully succeed in saving this river. But they went ahead to start with what they have, hoping for the best as time goes by.

One action at a time. The river cleanness has been improving with every cleanup each single Sunday. You can be able to see the difference.

Teamwork is everything. The unity this team has is what makes them the strongest environmental warriors that I have met. They do it together with love and happiness.


What is your excuse for climate action? Learn from the amazing people around you doing amazing stuff to save our planet from ourselves.

Where there’s a will, there’s always a way. We only have this planet, and happen to be the only generation that can save it. If we fail to do anything, we will have a signed a death wish for our lovely planet.

No act is too small, just do it.

Be responsible and spread the word.


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