What is Happening to Wildlife Spaces in Kenya?

What is Happening to Wildlife Spaces in Kenya?

What is Happening to Wildlife Spaces in Kenya? Almost every single day we wake up to a forest being eyed for developments, especially infrastructures. This is especially for small towns growing into small cities. This attracts human populations, and the land ends up being considered for development and human settlement. Surprisingly, no one seems to care where the forests will move too, or the wildlife. They are just forced out, to nowhere. Sadly, these issues have almost zero good political will. The leaders we chose to protect our natural reasons, seem to no longer have the needed power over such decisions. Why is it so?

Aberdares Forest just joined Nairobi National Park in need of Saving

Nyandarua is one of the cool places in Kenya, where hikers are protected from the scorching sun by the surrounding forests. It’s a fertile place, and this explains why this place shines in agriculture.

Will this remain so, once we start clearing forests for town expansion?

Why would someone see fit to reduce our forest cover in this era of climate change? Not forgetting the landslides, floods, and deteriorating agriculture. The weather courtesy of the amazing environment has enabled people in Nyandarua to escape severe hunger and poor farming output. Why destroy something good?

We can always upgrade the existing space and make it more developed as we wish, but leave the untouched environment alone. That’s Kenyan lungs, you are playing with. People fresh air you are snatching away from them. Promoting air pollution and it comes to all types of respiratory diseases. Don’t do that to us.

Such decisions should not even make their way to anyone’s lips. How would you think of destroying the environment, while we are desperately greening Kenya to have the 10% forest cover? We need more growing of trees and almost zero clearings of forests.

Ministry of Environment is taking back Ngong Forest

Luckily, this one was handed to the ministry. Hence bigger guns are involved. And we hope that the grabbed part will be reclaimed back.

It’s another forest that infrastructure and negative human activities had rained on it. And it was proving difficult to have their hands off this forest. It turned out to be considered as their “home”, and not a forest. Belonging to the public.

Can we just stay away from all the remaining forests, give back the grabbed land, and work with what is rightfully ours. The forests will benefit all of us and need to be protected. Before the natural disasters turn all of us into climate change refugees.

Not forgetting the Michuki Memorial Park

They have been fights on who owns it, and court-involved. Ministry confirmed it was under them. And we do hope and continue voicing our concerns. For it to remain protected and no developments involved.

Parting Shot on the Wildlife Spaces

These are just a few places currently facing problems. Where we have parties considering developments over the environment. They have used force, bullied their ways in courts, and, clearly wishing us death. By wanting to take our lings away illegally. How do you justified grabbed and to be yours? How do you see fir to replace forests with developments? How do you take wildlife habitat away, and still complain of human-wildlife conflicts?

Stop taking away what belongs to wildlife and nature. You have taken enough, which needs to be returned. Stop throwing fights at us, each waking day. We fight for the environment and the environment that benefits all of us. We need both of them intact for a very long time to come. Nothing can quench your greed, all you have to do is heal it. Learn to respect the environment and wildlife.

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